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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Nov 8, 2012.

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  1. We don't like Muslims or Spicks,
    Gays or babes with big dicks,
    And lesbo's, we've got news for you,
    We don't like Catholics or Jews,
    Proddies sorry men its bad news,
    We hate you to.

    We don't like cyclists or prams,
    Buses cause traffic jams we hate you,
    And Methodists too,
    We hate ginger birds with big twats,
    Taxi drivers are fiddling rats,
    We hate you to.

    We don't like Krauts and the French,
    Niggers make our arseholes clench, we hate you,
    And we don't like Septics to,
    We hate any prick who comes on
    We like to see newbies gone,
    We hate you to.

    We don't like birds with no tits,
    Fiddling MP's give us the shits we hate you,
    We've no time for the old Pompey bags,
    Unemployed are all scrounging slags we hate you,
    And we don't like Mods,
    We hate you to.

    Fuckin hell checking the list,
    Is there any cunt that I've missed,
    If so we hate you, yes we do,
    There ain't much Rum Ration likes,
    From work to cunts who own bikes we hate them,
    There ain't much left.

    So now we're struggling to find,
    Any twat which to be unkind and hate them,
    What can we do?
    I know lets pick on the fuzz,
    Ripping coppers could give us a buzz
    We hate them to.

    Trouble is now life will be dull,
    We've had such a great hating cull were fuck now,
    What do we do,
    Personally I have a plan,
    I'll hate any cunt that I can so you lot,
    I fuckin hate you.
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  2. Sock Puppets are now all the rage,
    Monty wants Finks in a cage, he hates him to,
    Froggy he is now referee, no pay he does it for free,
    He hates it, he would like some money.
    I hate sumo the twat,
    talks work and we all hate that,
    We hate him to.

    Wits didn't like being told, leave the mob before your too old,
    He hates it, doesn't wanna do age.
    Six Jim he's in a fix, he's leaving the mob in just six,
    He hates it, he's gonna have to do work.
    Driving wagons or maybe a bus,
    He'll hate the fucker like us,
    We hate it to.

    MG Maniac he's in a spin has to work but wants to jack in he hates it,
    And we hate it too,
    Andy cap out with the Hun, Brummie bastard ain't havin much fun,
    He hates it to.
    Me I'm livin in a mobile shed, at least that's what that that fucker cunt said,
    He hates it,
    I hate him to.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2012
  3. I think the only reason RR hasn't been shut down is those do-gooder cunts (Hate them too) all have a fit and choke on their own vomit when reading some of the content.
  4. I only love The CO's.(Slimy creepy, slitheringly said)
    Oh and Wrecker cus he's such a twat no one else does.
    He gets the sympathy vote.
  5. Fuck Yeah, Monty as well, why I can't imagine, probably because he's the site Muslim.
    And Bike fixer.
  6. Fuckin hell I forgot the site pet bootneck.
    Whats not to love here.
    Bloody hell every fuckin bastard Taliban this side of Nagasaki will have my national Insurance number by dinner time.
    I'm fucked
  7. Fuckin Wits shouts at me, it's like being married twice.
  8. Don't worry ... he shouts at everyone! If the deaf old sod turned his hearing aid up a tad .....................
  9. I would not like to have him and the War Office upset at me in the same room.
    Stereo Bollockings novel at least.
  10. You lying cu*t so up your nose
    I certainly do not love the COs
    Mods in general are OK
    But some are twats most every day
    But I can take a lot of shit
    And even give back more than a bit.
    So wind yer neck in you old fart
    Before we put you in the cart:fart:
  11. I say that was a bit full on old chap, was it that last digestive gave you wind.
    No more little rendevouse for us for a while then eh?
    I'm fuckin devistated, I just wanna be loved.
  12. I'm a doubly oppressed minority.
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  13. i see rumrat is still trying to write fuckin poetry... 18 months on hes still shit and bollocks at it, ever thought of hanging up the lead?!
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  14. Tame. ...........................
  15. tame n lame.. unbelievable! all the ol codgers still here, thought you lot would be dead by now...
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  16. I'm worse than that,... terrible I'm fuckin really honking crap.
    Shit and bollocks don't even come close.
  17. BUMP...........

  18. 'BUMP' after only 2 minutes? wtf is that all about?

    Unless it was your head hitting the keyboard...........
  19. The W....... sock-puppet craves recognition,
    So Its on my back.
    Flattering really.
  20. Embrace having obsessive fans. I have.

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