ME in Royal Navy,


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The RT isn't that bad they should send you like a leaflet with the types of questions you will get in the test. Basic questions gcse bite size is good for your maths if you need to brush up on anything lol I was 26 when I took mine so 10 years ha... You can buy a book called armed forces tests on eBay to with all the three forces tests with lots of examples questions and practice tests in there. And the afco are the best people to give you an estimated date on entry
Personally I thought it was ok,
but only half the class i was in passed it,
land 2 lads even forgot to bring all there paper work, passport NI number
stupid bas***ds
Check with your afco buddy they will have the best answer, im sure last time i spoke to them marine engineer was 6-8 months
Thanks I'm sure he said something about February, but I'm not sure if I heard him wrong,
how long after the interview is the medical youse no?


Lantern Swinger
Normally within a month I had my medical and then after that you have to do the PJFT 28 days from your medical and gotta do it in 11:38 I think it's not that bad but is go in smash it and then that's it for another year lol I gotta do mine again in October haha

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