Me, Henry Hudson. Lewis and Clark, and all the Mountain men.

Discussion in 'Travel & The Great Outdoors' started by jesse, Sep 8, 2011.

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  1. With best, buckskins. Coonskin hat ,Brown Bess musket and bowie knife. I blazed a trail and set my trap lines from Banff through to Jasper taking in British Columbia to Vancouver. Sailed from Vancouver through in inside passage up to Glacier Bay Alaska Calling in at Juno, Dog mushing in Scagway and walking the trail of the rain forest in ketchican .Saw black bears salmon fishing , black bears with cubs Mountain Goats, Elk and those big deer things that I cant spell. Drank in the Red dog Saloon Juno And the Red Onion Scagway. Henry Hudson, Lewis and Clark trappers and mountain men have fcuk all on me. Must admit though that the first part was in a luxury air conditioned coach and the latter on a cruise liner, :pottytrain2:
  2. Hi Jesse,

    Welcome back. On Tuesday this week this was on BBC Two and is still available for viewing on BBC iPlayer:

    BBC - BBC Two Programmes - Reel History of Britain, Britain's First Teenagers

    All about the emergence of Teddy Boys, etc.

    <<...In Soho, Melvyn looks back to the 1950s and a time when Britain broke free of the burdens of the Second World War and the teenager was born. One of the original trendsetters, Wee Willy Harris, talks about the rockers who ripped up the dance floor. Molly Lowton and Jennie Prescott glimpse a much loved friend and sister in films of their village dance. And 50s heart-throb Marty Wilde explains how the new music scene brightened up post-war Britain...>>

    Just a little before my time but probably right up your street! Enjoy...
  3. Glad you enjoyed your trip. When I first visited the Hudson's Bay Company store in Vancouver, somehow I was expecting a rustic log cabin surrounded by snow drifts with a roaring furnace and seal skins, bear pelts and snowshoes piled up in the corner. Instead, I found this:

    Hudson's Bay Company Vancouver.jpg
  4. Thank you very much for that, I would have hated to have missed it. I was there I did that, although being in the mob I had to tone it down a bit.My teeth are now portable but I've still got t he Tony Curtis. At 2359 hours 31/12/ 1959 I froze into a lovely time warp. Come round for gulpers, no! see the bastard off !!!
  5. :thumbup: :worship:
  6. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer you Jesse I found myself back in those great exciting days...
    I missed this on Tuesday. Glad I found it here...Cheers.

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