Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by bcfcryan_88, Jan 14, 2010.

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  1. Hi,

    Im very interested in Engineering in general, originally i applied to go in as an AET and my 2nd choice was ME (ET). Unfortunately i didnt get the RT results for AET so i have accepted to go in as ME.

    What are the chances of say doing 5 years as an ME, brushing up my engineering skills, key skills etc.. and transferring over to be an AET?

  2. not a lot really if you want to tinker with aircraft i would re sit the test.
  3. Ask your careers office wether you should retake the test or join up for a few years then switch over
  4. Boys

    Can we settle this one for the last time. There are very FEW exceptions, once you are in the RN doing a job you cannot branch change. Only exceptions used to be Phot, Reg and PT all of which you had to have passed for Leadning Hand in Source branch before moving sideways.

    If you really want to be a WAFU then wait to resit the RT, if you want to join the Navy then be a stoker.
  5. Your chances of getting a transfer from ME to AET are NIL, ZERO, NONE.

    Let noone tell you any different, it WILL NOT HAPPEN FOR YOU. As alacrity has already said above, if you want to be an AET wait 12 months and resit the test, if you just want to be in the mob, join as an ME.
  6. My understanding from the outset was that i will not be able to once im in, i dont know where people get told they can!
  7. bcfc

    I've just flicked back through your post history so that I could give you the best advice and get the clear impression that HMS Raleigh is expecting you to turn up there on February 7th.

    Is this true?

    If you have reservations about the decisions you have made so far, please don't leave it any longer to go back to your AFCO and speak to your CA.

    I would be very disappointed if I heard that you had turned up at HMS Raleigh and then said "Sorry guys, I think I'll resit the RT after all", because you would have taken a place in Basic away from another candidate who would have given his/her right arm to start this February.
  8. Ninja_Stoker

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  9. Just go for Stoker, it's not a bad job by any means and will put you in a much better position job wise when you eventually leave the mob. On top of this you will get more cash because you spend more time at sea and generally you will travel more getting to see the World.

    WAFUs are all gayers anyway.
  10. Yeah that is true, im still 100% commited to joining on Feb 7th as an ME (ET). I like engineering as a whole and it was just something i wanted to ask to see if that sort of opportunity would be available later on in life. Even if it wasnt an option im still happy with what i have got.


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