ME Dept shake up and the passing of the stoker...

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Two_Clips_Two_Pins, Mar 10, 2007.

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  1. To all the serving ME non-tifffies (and anyone else whos got a view) whats your thoughts on the switch to ET?
    Pesonally coming off killicks course now and having to qualify shutdown and EP's or Upper Level doesnt sit well. Not when i was looking forward to four or five more years doing same job for killicks wages. Also sat in the mess with a killick dabber (no offence) on same pay band when we could be in 'A' looking after a hot pressurised plant. Cant help but ponder whether its all worth it?...
  2. As a skimmer I don't know what the score is with submariners and ET, however, I do know that I won't be changing to ET, hahahahaha :D
  3. Same as it has been for ever in the mob. They change what they want.
    You do have options though,

    Request to submit 12 months notice W.E.F. [todays date]
    In 12 months it will all just seem like a bad dream.

    Sarcasm aside, I doo feel sorry for you, if the WEM branch hadn't been screwed with I might still be in now.............maybe...
  4. I think you've put your finger on it there, the MESM branch had lost its way a bit, IMHO. Killick stokers doing the same job as MEM1s (or 2s, even) and killick tiffs, what were they about? POs were as rare as rocking horse do ..... and yet there were loads of button tiffs running around.
    I think the ET(MESM) is an attempt to try to spread the workload across the branch. As I read it, there will be a great difference (at last, some say) between the AB and Leading Hand, where the killick MESM will get respect and responsibility that he's earnt.
    The jobs and training will be better aligned to a "more sensible" progression through rates. Good idea? I dunno. Better than what there is now? Probably.
  5. Thanks for your views guys.Maybe im cynical but no changes ive ever ecountered in the mob are to the benefit of the individual. Bringing responsibilities down a level (PO's rather than chiefs on the RP for example) , only serves the navy in the sense that pinch points and gapped billets at chief levels are alleviated due to there being a larger pool of manpower at lower rates. I know, pick my branch, take my chance and all that... :lol:
  6. It all goes back to my theory that the navy wants to do away with the senior rate middle management by delegating tasks down to lower paid rates. In my opinion it is all cost cutting and unfortunately, as always, it is aimed at the wrong place.
  7. Going slightly off topic here,I know a certain ship where there is only one ET(WE) at the moment but now they are having the OM's doing the same job but they havent done any of the basic training at Collingwood that the ET's do ?

    Call me old fashioned but when I was a Skimmer (before I saw the light )we had a mess of 60 Greenies on the Antrim !!
    Just cant get my head around half the stuff that is happening to the Pusser at the moment !! :shock:
  8. Its a money saving exercise for sure, and not just in terms of
    wages. I think the powers that be are more interested in saving on pensions. Also, killicks are in the same watchkeeping unions as MEM1s (2s) but they don't really do the same job during maintenance cycles.
    theres still a need for sprog killick tiffs, someones got to carry the stokers tools and make the wets,
  9. Hadnt though of it that way till you mentioned it..whats the shutdown Jr watchbill going to be like it you take the killicks out of it :shock: the lads have a bad enough time already and now their lookin at halving there numbers, not sure how this is going to pan out. Anybody heard anything else on this.
  10. Dear beloved Stokers... RIP! :cry:
  11. Skimmers had POMEM's. Submarines HAVE Stoker PO's and always will have :evil:
    geoff(ers) :???:
    rant over!!
  12. Load of bollocks....a stoker is a stoker be they serve on boats or skimmers.
  13. I don't know what training an ET(WE) does before his 1FSD but the reason there are OMs doing the job is because it is an OMs job, the OM who will eventually be replaced by the ET(WE) when there is enough of them
  14. I don't think anyone's had a really good look at it......but they will...eventually. There'll be all the trainee LETs around until they qualify SD supervisor, goodness knows how long they'll take.
  15. apparently the number of ET's going through sultan is well above what's expected, they've only had a 3% PVR rate as opposed to 12% with the previous baby stokers courses. so the SDJR watch bills shoudn't be affected that much once the sprogs get qual'd. from a selfish point of view i'm sort of happy with killicks goin in SDSR's union; now that i've joined the darkside, sold my soul and given up my birthright to become a tiff.Mind you if they hadn't brought in ET' i would of happily stayed a stoker
  16. But OMs arent trained electricians like an ET(WE)
    And the OMs course at Collingwood is no where near as long as the ET(WE)

    But I see your point...............I think ???????????

    Just go back to being Greenies and Seaman cant we,it was a lot easier then I say.
  17. ET isn't Tiff Bez.
    ET is MEM with a coat of paint.
  18. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Can't really make my mind up if either your lazy, with no ambition or your frightened of qualifying SDSR, EP or upper level :confused1:

    I'll ignore the bit about sitting around for 5 years doing the same job, that doesn't make you sound very good and if your DO was writing you up he might be inclinded to say your not ready for promotion. In a duty watch there is a duty PO. He could be the PO Writer, SA or a Dabber. These guys are being paid the same as the PO SDRS's, so I don't understand what your fussing about pay, unless you want the rest of the branches to take a pay cut because your watchkeeping on a plant in A. I've always found watching in A is far easier than B. The plant looks after itself and theres not the bundles of nuclear proceedures to keep an eye on. I think your just worrying about getting quailified. You should be, because its one of the hardest boards you'll do, but with a bit of hard work you'll get there and you'll gain a certain satisfaction and self pride when you do.

    I think any LET's who fail to get quailified will be reverted to ET and remain as that for the rest of there time. Have a look around and see who's quailified and think to yourself, "if he can do it, so can I".

    Good luck :thumright:
  19. Stirling

    Being an ex-Dabtoe I think that point may be debatable. A stoker is a person who feeds a fuel source to a boiler be it coal, oil or nuclear fission to produce steam (energy), which then drives engines to propell or produce other forms of energy.

    Now how many who call them selves Stokers still serving, were on steam driven ships not many.

    Just a point to keep you Stokers talking.


  20. You mean we dont have any coal burning ships anymore?

    I'm gutted,when did that happen?

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