Me Again ... 1 KIA family, 1 WIA family.


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Sorry, folks ... the needs are still there and we have to ask you, yet again, for a bit of help with the latest case.

One young soldier was WIA, and his fiancee's brother was KIA in the same incident. We want their 2 families to go to La Torre together ...

We're going to have to pay something towards their accommodation at La Torre, as the property owner has already donated a massive amount of free slots and we need these 2 families to be side by side.

Spanish Dave is "out and about" today, doing his day job. Later on I hope he can fill in a few more details, including roughly how much we're looking for. It will, I suspect, be several hundreds ...

Don't forget that the funds raised from Slingsby's Pins go to this cause, so you can click on my signature block and help them out that way.

Or you can use PayPal from Sgt Slingsby's front page BY CLICKING HERE for either a "One Time" donation or to set up a regular monthly drip-feed.

Otherwise it's the usual payment details ...

[email protected]

C. Lee
Sort code: 77-51-01
Acct Number: 54713568

Sort Code: 40-02-00
Acct number: 22286017


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FYI, one good person on ARRSE has gone for the Standing Order through PayPal on Slingsby's website.

Nobody's trying to mug you for hundreds of quids ... just a round of drinks ;-)


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I mean, DONE ... as in the funds needed for this case have been generated.

I've just finished breakfast to discover PMs promising [quite a lot of ££££] which will, when added to everything else I've been able to identify, complete the requirements for this case.

ARRSErs and Rum Ration ... Stand At ... EEEEASE.


Thank you all, yet again, for your help and support for these 2 famiies, and all the others you have helped so generously over the last 8 months.

OMG, you are a great bunch of people

Any Moderators around who would care to lock this thread for us?
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