MCTC Back Payment...

I've heard a buzz that if you've served in DQ's for any time, you're entitled to recieve back the pay they took from you? Anyone else heard the same, or is it gash???

And regardless of my mis-demeanour(s) over a decade ago, a months pay is a months pay.


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Get a grip!! :roll: That money was spent long ago, when you donated it to the Provost Mess Beer Fund... thanks for the wets, shippers! :thumbleft:
It's gash, but does have a hint of truth in it.

You need to use an S61 to apply for an extension of service for the amount of time spent in DQs, which would cover your wages missed. (Hence the buzz)

Or, to put it another way, without that extension you might not get your full pension allowance for 22 years served as time spent in DQs or MCTC doesn't count as reckonable service.
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