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The above are some of the most regular and beneficial weekend training opportunities i have ever attended.

Real working ship, real RN crew, real up to date in use equipment and relevant serials, there isnt much more an RNR could ask for.

I have heard two conflicting stories about these. Both may be true but i would prefer someone in authority (Masterchief maybe??) to give me the truth, sorry i mean the official line.

I have been told that the MCMV weekends have now been stopped and that training is now to be undertaken on FOST tanker.

In the same week i recieved a calling notice (not via my RTC) to attend one of the afforementioned weekends in October.

It could be that AWFP have been stopped from attending these weekends regularly but the weekends continue for MW ratings.

If we are to train on the FOST tanker instead does this mean we will be joining it for the occasional weekend? Can't see it to be honest.

Is this another peice of really useful training snatched from our sweaty little fingers?

MCMV Sea Weekends are still on and are open to all. AWFP are the main targets of these weekends. Excellent training on SPO, Ship Handling, NBCD etc etc etc. Plus a thumping run ashore around the fleshpots of pompy.

There are also weekends run out of Faslane at the same time handy for those with a more northerly bent.

Speak to your PSI's or PM me for details.


Lantern Swinger
Just got back from one in an undisclosed location.

Brills - kit a bit iffy (the ship had snags), but overall a good introduction to "sea time". Not sure how many of us remember that :)


Lantern Swinger
It's a shame that Logs aren't included in these also. I know that we're a shore-based branch, but I'm beginning to realise just how much I've forgotten since joining the RNR..

..which side is Port again? ;)


Lantern Swinger
:) I know what you mean - I found myself standing looking forward saying, "pass the port left". next problem was working out what was left and right!!

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