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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by h-unit, Jan 5, 2012.

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  1. I've been put forward for AIB in late spring and it's my ambition to eventually become an MCDO so for AIB it would great to have as much knowledge of my chosen career path as possible. There's plenty of information about the training pipeline for Warfare Officers but I was hoping that someone might be able to offer much more detailed information about the career path of an MCDO following IWOF. I understand that there is one intake a year following the successful passing of the aptitude tests. Thanks
  2. apologies I meant IWOC not IWOF!
  3. Frogman007 or Spidiver can add the diving bit, but you will need to complete a sea job as an OOW before starting course. You will be Ops and then XO of a mcmv before either going to one of the dozen or so MCD shore drafts, or, more likely, go to PWO Course and rejoin with your contemporaries. There after there are a few senior MCD jobs, but more likely you will employed as a PWO.

    If your ambition is to spend a career on diving and blowing stuff up I would recommend you join as an AB Diver.
  4. Need to dash out but pretty much amplify why ATG said. I will add a bit more later, but my last Ops always said he wished to death he had joined as an AB. You can fly up the ranks these days and be on some good money as a Petty Officer/Chief Diver.

    Get back to you on the diving in a bit.
  5. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions, I'm afraid I have a couple more. Is it possible to get on the MCDO course as a Sub-Lieutenant following SFT, IWOC and a OOW job or is it only open to Lieutenants? (I'm joining without a degree)

    Once an MCDO what are the prospects of 'diversification' (if you could call it that) within your job? For example there's a Lieutentant Commander MCDO at BRNC with his Green Beret and I believe there are opportunities for Warfare Officers to work in Intelligience and possibly even attempt SF selection (?). Are options open to go and serve with 3 Cdo Brigade as an Officer alongside your Royal Engineer/Logisitics Corps EOD counterparts?
  6. You're not going to be streamed MCDO at AIB so, for AIB, frankly, you don't need to know much. Just know what a warfare officer does, and what the sub specs are, and leave it at that. To be honest, they're more likely to be asking themselves "does this chap meet the dabber officer template" than "does this bloke have a burning desire to compete for one of the very few MCDO spots available.

    Also ask yourself what it is about the RN that appeals - is it being a warfare officer, or is it diving? If it's the latter then for God's sake join as an AB diver. There are few sadder sights in the fleet than the disenchanted junior dabber officer whose dreams have vanished but who is locked into x more years of chart chimping before he can rejoin his life (they don't just let you leave).

    Ultimately it's a numbers game - there're x thousand naval officers, with a vastly smaller number of MCDOs. Within that smaller number, there're people doing all the jobs you ask about, but now in terms of numbers you're talking about ones and twos out of the entire officer corps.

    By all means give it a go, but the first hurdle is getting into the RN as an officer. If you achieve that, then are you going to be happy if you end up with NOTHING else that you want? If the answer is no, perhaps you should think about joining as a rating where diving will be your primary function, not as a warfare officer with a burning desire to do something deeply career limiting (from the RN's pov) and be a pain in the neck for the JOs' appointer/Career Manager.
  7. Wise words from kinross_special.

    There is nothing to prevent you being selected for the MCDO course as a Sub Lt although you are more likely to be a Lt by the time you have completed all your training and OOW job(s).

    Completion of the RM All Arms Commando Course (AACC) and Basic Parachute Course (BPC) with the right to wear a green lid, dagger and para wings is a prerequisite for certain billets in the Fleet Diving Squadron. The Intelligence branch is something entirely different. Any MCDO can volunteer for SF but your release depends on the needs of the Service and transfers are rare. Working with SF is another matter.

    If you are given the privilege of running a Fleet Diving Unit, you will undergo routine EOD/IEDD re-licensing and work with the RE and RLC under joint-services auspices in the UK. MCDOs and CDs have also worked with RE EOD/IEDD search teams in Afghanistan and some have qualified as High Threat (HT) IEDD operators and No.2s to work with RLC teams. However, all this is likely to be academic by the time you would become eligible.

    As you become older and more senior, your focus will inevitably shift from diving towards warfare (particularly minewarfare) and then less specialised 'broadening' jobs. This is as it should be if you have any serious ambitions in the Service. Owing to the RN's smaller size these days, it can no longer tolerate 'deep but narrow' specialist officers who are unable to hold their own in the wider warfare world.
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  8. That's given me much food for thought! I understand that the questions I'm asking are way and above the knowledge required for AIB however in order to confirm that it's what I definitely want to do I thought it important to ask what my future could hold. Without a doubt becoming an Officer is absolutely what I want but on reflection becoming a member of the Fleet Diving Squadron is my main ambition in the service. So really it's whether or not I could achieve that as an Officer?
    I'm under no illusions that there are no certainties within this but going down the long road of attempting to become an MCDO only to never get to fully fulfill this role would be quite frustrating.
    Does anyone know how long the actual MCDO training is?
    I hope that changing my application quite late on from RM Officer to RN with the MCDO ambition isn't something I'll live to regret!
  9. If you manage to become an MCD Officer, you are unlikely to have more than two or three jobs directly involving diving, either at sea in a minehunter or ashore in the Fleet Diving Squadron although you might also serve as a training officer at DDS (the Defence Diving School).

    For what it's worth, the current COMUKTG (Commander UK Task Group) is a Commodore who started off as an MCD/PWO but whose last few jobs have included DFOST (Deputy Flag Officer Sea Training), Commanding Officer of the Type 45 destroyer HMS Daring, Director JTEPS (Joint Tactical Exercise Planning Staff), Commander Sea Training (FOST), Commander Task Group 58.1, Commanding Officer of the Type 23 frigate HMS Somerset and Operations Officer of the Type 23 frigate HMS Argyll. He has also driven several desks in the MoD and Navy Command HQ and epitomises what the RN is looking for in its warfare officers, including MCDOs. If it's purely diving/EOD you want, you'll need to be a rating.

    The LMCDO Course (comprising Diving, Minewarfare and EOD modules) lasts around eight months. This will be followed by additional PJT (Pre-Joining Training) courses before you become the Ops Officer or, in some cases, the XO of a minehunter as your first MCD job. You might get in one more MCD job before undergoing PWO training and a PWO job.
  10. My own experience was that I wanted to be a diver....joined the mob with 5 A levels and was constantly being put forward to become an officer, however, being a diver was my main ambition.
    Now having 5 A levels means that you are smarter than the average bear...and thus can shine, early promotion at each level, drafts to all the top jobs, ability to do SF jobs and out of branch jobs, you name it and the world is your wet suit boot mates.
    As a LS(D), the money is good, stacks of chances to do Adventure training, all arms courses, etc etc and you don't have all the nif naf and trivia bollocks of the wardroom.
    When you've had enough of all the fun and need to "grow up" and get a proper job...that's the time to go SD and start your career as a Naval Officer...think of it more in terms of being a "gap year"... before you start work for my case I enjoyed it soooo much and got some really really brills drafts and never quite got round to doing the officer bit....spent 27 years diving and having fun...would I change it for the wardroom...No Feckin Chance !!!!
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  11. Here, here Spider. I also (as I earlier pointed out to SJRMRNNBCDS1CY) was pushed forward to join the pink salmon cardie and red sock brigade, no thanks, having far too much fun swanning around the world on subbies. (Not submarines extra money!)
  12. Yep..sat behind a desk getting spammed to write a policy paper on fecking masking tape...or sat in a gemini in the med..contemplating more Hiawian Tropic..or a quick back flip into the oggin...
    My biggest fear in the mob was if someone from the Armed Forces Pay Revue Body turned up and asked me to justify my outrageous pay packet....unless at the time I was in Faslamabad, January, Screw change at Oh my ******* god o'clock in the morning.
  13. **** me that tickled me!!
  14. Oi! These papers don't write themselves, you know. Would you really prefer to be 'stuck' with seizing wire, baling wire, small stuff and bulldog grips to mend stuff and hold things together? Be grateful for small mercies, especially harry maskers.

    P.S. I've never owned a pink salmon cardie or red sock in my life. Apart from anything else, they'd clash with my orange braces.
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  15. I don't believe the EOD module now qualifies you to operate as a CMD operator, it is more of an acquaint to allow you to supervise the Divers (for supervise read "have an idea what they're up to!")

    To actually operate requires attendance on an additional course. I don't believe this would be a PJT for MCMV Ops / XO job but would be required for later employment with one of the dive teams.

    Of course, that all may be about to change again.....
  16. Just to clarify two things. CMD is munitions disposal and LMCDO is Lieutenant MCDO?
  17. Mildly out of date. There was a stage where the CDO's going through did the same course as baby divers. However that is now changing and they are actually going to do the course. This means they will no longer be eff all use glorified ships divers. Guess they got the chick through so they can now change the rules back!!!! Rolls grenade into the fray!!!!!!!
  18. CMD = Conventional Munitions Disposal
    LMCDO = Long MCD Officers' Course (there used to be long and short courses)

  19. Different branch, similar dits, same philosophy - I agree totally!
  20. P.S. I've never owned a pink salmon cardie or red sock in my life. Apart from anything else, they'd clash with my orange braces.[/QUOTE]

    I've seen those red socks walking out of Vernon main gate!!!!!!

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