MCD PJFT - How is it done?

Yeah I know, I know. This has more than likely been answered a fair few times on here and I have read some of the answers and each source seems to contradict the last! I am aware that the standard is 10:30 and need to be hitting sub 10 on the return, but I am wondering what the warm up/out 1.5 time boundaries are? Or if there is actually even a warm up/out run and it's the same as the other branches in the RN?
Would massively appreciate a good source of info! Cheers for reading guys :afro:


Your mention of "hitting sub 10 on the return" suggests to me that you are mixing up the PJFT for Divers with the PJFT for Royal Marines.

For Divers, the requirement is one 2.4 km run on a treadmill with a pass criterion of 10 min 30 secs.

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Hey Grim,

Don't stress about the PJFT.

They will take your BP and check your height and weight, then they take you through a couple of stretches to warm you up, stick you on the treadmill at 0% incline, and make you run 2.4km. You control the speed - bearing in mind you have to at least be running at 14km/hr to pass.

I passed mine at the beginning of July, at 9 40 - but had been sick that week so should have done it faster.

One thing though in case you are wondering - you are not allowed to listen to music... although it helped me run faster because I was trying to escape the boredom :)


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The gym staff set the running machine to a level which will achieve a pass, once you reach that speed. You can tweak it to go faster, slip & hit the stop button by accident, throw-up, fall off the back of the machine and land on your arse, wrap your hand in, feign illness, claim the machine wasn't correctly calibrated, suggest the speed wasn't set fast enough and any combination of the above...providing you accept it's been done before and excuses aren't accepted.

Best of luck.

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