I'm currently a few months into my navy application as an MCD, I have passed my psych test, eye test & medical. I had my selection interview at my local AFCO yesterday morning with my careers adviser, he told me he would give me a 'partial pass' meaning he would not give me a date for my PJFT yet as when I told him of my current fitness training programme it did not have enough swimming activities - everything else he said was spot on & to call him in a month or so's time when I could confidently say to him that I was regularly swimming (my swimming is great but apparently I wasn't doing enough). I was also told that if I did happen to make it through & pass my PEDA, I would be looking at a joining date of earliest 2020.

Now, my question is do I pursue this still? - I have no doubt my abilities are suited to progressing to MCD but it is a big gamble to wait so long when I could be progressing elsewhere. My second choice was to join as a marine engineer which was mentioned in my interview and that he would be more than happy to pass me if that was the career path I decided to go down & the start date I would be looking at would be early 2019, however it was a big decision to make there & then with little knowledge about the trade. I decided to go away with the information given & do my research - so... here I am... unsure what to do. Is anybody currently serving in these branches who can offer a bit of insight?



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@JJ_44 you have arrived at a crossroads. Only you can decide which is the best option as you are in possession of all the parameters which will affect your final decision.
A couple of questions to ask yourself is whether you will be happy to take a different career path from that you have already selected and whether changing course just to get in earlier is a wise option.
The RN will be happy to train you as an MEM so no previous experience is necessary as long as you have some aptitude.
Take some time to weigh up the pros and cons. Act in haste,repent at leisure.