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Can anyone tell me a.) How long the divers medical lasts (purely out of interest as I'm booked in at 1600 hrs, I expected it to last half a day or so..? therefore a lot later in the day than I expected) b.) what is so special about the divers medical that other branches don't have to be checked out for (again I'm guessing problems associated with depth ie ears?)

Just a little nervous, as its only a fortnight away and I've never had a medical like this before. Don't think there's anything wrong with me so hopefully im mildly anxious for no reason at all!

Thanks for the help/advice
The medical takes about an hour.
Usual, height, weight, eyes and hearing. urine sample and blood taken.
Then an exercise and recovery test, this consists of stepping on and off a box which is 18 inches high at a rate of about 25 -30 per min, you then sit down and have your pulse taken for 30 secs, a gap of 30 secs and then pulse counted for 30 secs, another gap of 30 secs then a final pulse count for 30 secs. They are looking for a noticable reduction in your pulse over those periods, also the combined count must not exceed 180.
The vitalograph test is next, you just have to blow like fukc down a tube, the aim is to expel as much air as possible in the first 1 second, the results are recorded and I think you have to get at least 75% out, I clear about 82% so it's never been a worry.
The usual breath in and out, a quick "pop" your ears, blood pressure and the jobs done.

Good luck


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The only reason for the Diving Medical is because you will undergo a trial dive on your PEDA.

The main elements of the medical are identical to the standard AFCO Medical Examination and no longer, except this medical is undertaken by a commercial company to meet military diving standards. The only significant difference the average individual will note is that as well as taking the pee, we also take blood for analysis and undergo a physical assessment as indicated above.

It's not identical to the "in service" diving medical & you don't have a chest x-ray.

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