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MCD Accomodation Horsea Island?


Been talking to the old man in regards to accomodation, He says a lot would have changed since he left and he is unsure of what the accom is like... anyone able to shed any light?
There is no accommodation on Horsea Island, ship's company, trainees, and those doing Sea Survival courses that require naval acommodation live at Collingwood/Nelson
Not sure how it works whilst in Phase 2 training to be honest. When in the fleet/ship's company and normal courses etc yes that is possible.
On course you will be night diving twice a week and depending on when it gets dark, depends on when you finish... may not be till gone 23:00 hrs.
Revising with course members is important, there is a lot to learn and adhoc evening revision sessions organised by course members is a must. Just sitting round at the evening meal table ditting about the day's experience can be a boost to learning.
Getting up early and eating an Olympic sized breakfast is vital, on course you will be jamming upwards of 5-600 calories a day, Lunch is at 1400 at Horsea unless night diving, (1200), so if you haven't fuelled up at breakfast, you'll be hanging by midday.
My advice, even if you are given the choice of living at home, would most certainly be to live onboard.

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