McClaren Sacked

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Tartan_Army_Sailor, Nov 22, 2007.

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  1. According to todays Sun, McClaren was sacked last night after the game.

    STEVE McCLAREN was last night sacked as England manager.

    The FA will rubberstamp the decision at an emergency board meeting this morning after England’s Euro dream died following the humiliating defeat by Croatia.

    Immediately after the game, McClaren had insisted he would not quit. But we can reveal senior FA board members informed McClaren half an hour later that he was out.

    Seat cancelled

    The doomed England boss will receive a £2.5million golden handshake despite failing to get England to the 2008 Euro finals.

    FA chief executive Brian Barwick, his trusted aid Simon Johnson, FA chairman Geoff Thompson and chairman of the international committee Noel White met at 10.30 last night and decided to call an FA board meeting for 8.30am this morning.

    McClaren had been booked on the plane to South Africa tomorrow for Sunday’s World Cup draw in Durban but his seat will be cancelled.

    He had always said he wanted to be judged after the 12 Euro qualifiers but last night’s Wembley horror show signalled just how low England had sunk under his leadership.

    I feel he has been made a scapegoat - He has done a brilliant job to England in to a qualifying position, with an average bunch of players!!!

    It was the players that let England down.
  2. Sometimes in any sport the manager/coach loses the players, they didn't look like they wanted to give 110%, that's a reflection on the manager/coach.

    They need someone with a firm hand and attitude, not someone who panders to the crowds or the FA, someone who is not afraid to bench senior players for lack of effort and is not afraid to throw in the young ones..if you notice the under 21's always seem to do well, but once they get to the senior divisions they never get the chance and before you know it, they are too comfortable and couldn't be bothered..."DISCIPLINE" is what's needed.... :hockey:
  3. But is that not what he done with Beckham at the start of qualification, and then looked stupid for having to recall him after Englands poor start?

    He dropped Robinson last night for Carson, look what happened.
  4. Combination of a lot of wrong decisions, players get po'd after awhile and lose confidence in his decisions, how many times did he hear about pairing Gerrard and Lampard was not the right thing to do, yet he went ahead and had them play out of position...Gerrard may be diplomatic and not say shite if his face was full of it, but you know he was unhappy sharing the midfield with Lampard. Both are quality players, but Gerrards strength is full control of his position...woulda, shoulda, coulda......hindsight is 20-20, and all along people had a feeling McClaren was not the man for the job...but the FA through thick or thin were going to stick with him...because...not to is to lose face... :bball:

    Her benched Beckham as a result of his injuries and his performance during the World Cup and public opinion....lots of tangibles....damned if you do and damned if you don't...
  5. Now confirmed on Sky Sports:

    The Football Association have confirmed the departure of England coach Steve McClaren.

    The FA board convened on Thursday morning after calling an emergency meeting and they wasted little time in confirming the termination of McClaren's contract.

    McClaren's tenure was brought to an end less than 24 hours after England were knocked out of Euro 2008 at the qualifying stage.

    England, who only needed a draw against Croatia to seal their place at the finals in Austria & Switzerland, lost 3-2 at Wembley on Wednesday.

    Short reign

    McClaren was contracted up to the World Cup in 2010 - but he will not be seeing out the remaining 33 months of his contract after England's first failure to qualify for the finals of a major tournament since 1994.

    His reign is the shortest in the history of the English national team.
  6. Hope he took that "goalkeeper" with him!!
    geoff(ers) :nemo:
  7. Whether he has been good or not for the England team (depends on your view), I do not think he should be sacked because the poltroons who were supposed to be playing on the field should get off scot-free.

    They may have lost their 1/4 mil bonus, but they should perhaps tried a little harder. With the exception of a couple of the players, I can't say I was too impressed with the performance.

    Perhaps a few player heads should roll, or are they now too molly-coddled and protected these days ?


    Thank the man upstairs that we have a fairly decent scrabble team !! :thumright:
  8. Its only a game FFS.Bunch of over paid spolit hairdressers models.

    Womens beach volleyball,now thats a REAL sport!
    Good to watch as well.
  9. Personally, I think he was the wrong man for the job in the first place, thrown in after the debacle with Scolari. Perhaps this is the kick up the backside the FA neeed.

    It was piss poor performance with no desire to win, (let them view the England rugby team in the 1/4 and 1/2 matches at the recent world cup - thats desire) hopefully the deadwood will be shipped out and youngsters bought in, they've got 3 years now to build to S. Africa 2010.

    Thankfully the Olympics are on next summer!!!
  10. Could it be that, unlike Lewis Hamilton, the England Team will no longer have a McLaren next year?
  11. Didn't think to mention that, ( there was enough women on the pitch last night) for fear of being thought of as a diirrrrtttty old perv ...... :tongue1: !
  12. Just seen in the Standard - Steve Mc gets 2.5mil payoff - not bad for a 'bad' manager is it ?

    Obviously being a failure is the way to get oodles of cash these days - a bit like the civil service in some ways ;) .
  13. Don't get me started about the FA. Look at the people they have in there now. I remember David Davies when he was a news presenter on Look Northwest with Stuart Hall, that how long ago, what the stuff does he know about football. IMHO a football association should be run by people who have played the game.
  14. I agree totally, Adam Crozier, another prime example, not running that shower called Royal Mail!!!
  15. I've played for my Ship, if I submit my 12 months notice and apply for early release can I get the job???


    Pretty please??????
  16. They mentioned Arsne Wenger on tv as a possiblity for the job,I take it there are no English candidates available.
  17. For donkeys years, the right man for the job was Brian Clough, but his face obviously didn't fit with the powers that were.

    Cloughie's modern day equivalent is Sam Allardyce, who doesn't seem to be afraid to ruffle his players' hair, even if they are "overpaid hairdressers models". All this crap about there not being enough English players is just that. Our leagues contain huge numbers of players at all levels and they're not all foreign, so England should be able to put a team together to get into these competitions.
  18. I believe that McClaren should be sacked for picking that goalkeeper last night and putting Beckham on the bench. But some of the team should be sacked as well, the goalkeep, (don't know his name). Wright whatever for not scoring Lampard for the size of his ego, Rooney for cocking up and causing the disputed penalty a couple of games ago, Robinson for being useless, that scouse forward for not scoring. :pukel:
    Before anybody gives me a kicking :rambo: I don't support the England Football team I prefer rugby and the England Rugby Team :thumright:
  19. Two superb English candidates ARE available:

    Harry Redknapp - Has performed nothing short of miracles at Portsmouth, anyone that can make Linvoy Primus into a competent centre back must be nothing short of a genius.

    Sam Allardyce - Again performed miracles at Bolton, turning a bunch of geriatrics and cast offs into a top 8 side. By refusing to shoehorn his players into rigid formations and creating his own distinct way of playing, nobodoy enjoyed playing them during his reign. And he made Kevin Davies look like the greatest target man in Premiership Football history.

    That said, I'd still go for Mourinho, because he's fcuking ace. And wouldn't be afraid to drop Steven Gerrard for being a whinging overrated hollywood passing no foreheaded shit first touch scouse wazzock, If he can prize gerrards head out of theFA's collective arses that is.
  20. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    MLP: Agree with your candidates... but you ain't having 'Arry - he's ours!! :lol:

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