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McAfee virus protection.


War Hero
e.mail yesterday yada yada protection expired.......they say do not reply to such stuff but I told them to f**k off to see the reaction
VERY convincing reply purporting to be from Outlook at MS , even had the previous 24 hrs sent messages , tried all ways to copy it to inform MS,,,,,and you , but failed as when I did it went to '' message fail please try again ''. This is one of the best I have seen for covering their tracks and blocking you from copying their original mails , spent 30 mins trying to find summat in the extensive file network of their Outlook e mail but nothing doing. BEWARE.
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War Hero
Used them way back in the dark ages.
Sophus was the best AV I've used.
Currently use ClamXAV, doesn't slow the machine down and can do unobtrusive scans and in depth scans.
Really hated Norton and McAfee!!!! Yes we'll get rid of your virus - send us much Wonga and we'll clear your PC!!!!! Hack - spit!!!!!


War Hero
Took my old Sony all in one for a service couple of years ago , on the reception desk in PC repair shop was a list of virus protection company's to avoid , top of the list was McAfee and Norton.
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