Mc Guinness dead


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Although this is current affairs, I feel it may elicite responses unsuitble for CA!

I for one shall shed no tears for the murdering bastard.

Why is SO much time being devoted to his death by all the talking heads on TV.

May he rot in Hell.

Edit - Norman Tebbitt just summed it up 'the world is now a sweeter and better place'


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The Brits. will be at fault for his death, a public enquiry will be called for, compensation will be sought and statues will be raised in recognition of his humanitarian heard it here first.


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Derry 1972.


A lot of secrets have gone into that box he's in.


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His links with MI5 and MI6 will go to his grave with him. Pity he couldn't suffer more and though the comparison with Mandela seems a bit too far, it need to be remembered that Mandela was a similar murdering bastard at one stage. Amen to a past that hopefully will be forgotten. :cool: