Mc Alpines Upset

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by trelawney126, Nov 15, 2012.

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  1. So Mc Alpine gets accused of being a paedo by some nutter who later recants his statements, then he sues the BBC because he's upset and wants compensation, which of course will cure his feelings. In his position I'd of demanded that the head of the Beeb got dismissed, not sue the taxpayers.
    How about the vulnerable who did get hurt, will he give his compensation to them. Crocodile tears I fear
  2. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'm hoping that any compo received will be donated to charity. His lawyer was on the news this morning saying that he is very aware that the payment will actually come from the public in the form of the license payments, so from that I'm thinking either he won't take a pay off or willl give it away. Though in all honesty, that's probably a forlorn hope, so I won't hold my breath.
  3. I did not know they had one, thought he had resigned
  4. Don't you think that he is entitled to be upset? I have a feeling that he will not keep any compensation that comes his way.
  5. I couldn't even begin to imagine what being accused as a pedophile must be like; let alone with it being splashed across national news.

  6. So when you going to get your redress from monty, you can give it all away:tongue8::glomp:


  7. My first attempt via admin seems to have been a complete failure (so surprise there) which leaves me no other choice than to proceed to the next stage.
  8. Crying into your Spar own brand gin? That would be my recommended next step after being ignored by a website's admin for being a fanny and complaining about having your anonymous pseudonym called names by a nasty stranger on the internet.
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  9. It was my understanding that he wasn't actually named in the Newsnight programme, but it was the Interweb and more pertinently the Twatisfear that bandied his name around? So apart from saying a "top Tory of the Thatcher era" how is the BBC implicated in the actual naming? Certainly it lead to incorrect speculation, but not the same as saying "It were him, he wot dun it". And I am still under the impression that the chap that started this off, Steve Messham, has not stated that he wasn't abused by a top Tory - only that it wasn't this particular one? Or am I reading all this wrong?

    BBC News - Wales child abuse: Carwyn Jones criticises 'media hysteria'
  10. If I'm honest Dredd I can barely keep up with it. Although your are correct, I found this on the BBC website- 'Although former Conservative party treasurer Lord McAlpine was not named by Newsnight, the report led to a flood of accusations about him online.' Did you see that Philip Schofield is in the shit for handing over a list of names of 'suspected pedophiles' that he'd gathered from Twatisfear as you adequately put it?

    BBC News - ITV 'disciplines' This Morning over Cameron incident
  11. Last I heard he has instructed his lawyers to pursue everyone on Twitter who even forwarded the tweets on there regarding him for defamation of character! Some people have more money than sense or too much time on their hands!
  12. In his case probably both
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  13. Can't argue with that!
  14. The BBC cannot get away with it by saying that they didn't name Mr Mcalpine as they left more than enough clues as to who they were referring to.Their star witness had named a man called McAlpine during the Waterhouse enquiry 15 years ago when all this was raked over.Unfortunately for the beeb they put 2 and 2 together and came up with the wrong solution.I doubt there is anyone reading this who would not seek redress if wrongly accused of paedophilia and what you did with the cash should be your business.

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