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I have just been recommended for medical board after being downgraded for a problem with my left knee (patellofemoral pain syndrome) and a loss of hearing in my left ear (H3). After a long discussion with my doctor and physio it has come down to me being recommended P8. I have been told that I would not be able to continue in my trade ( WAFU Branch) but branch transferring is not an option as I do not wish to do anything except engineering.

My question is will this decision go against me when I go to MBOS ? Will it effect how much I would be paid out?

Any help or information would be grateful
Cheers team
Hello. I've just been (willingly) discharged via MBOS and whilst I obviously cannot comment on your case specifically I can offer a couple of dits based on experience.

1. It is your decision and yours alone regards to branch transfer. I was concerned they would hold it against me, or worse, offer me a different branch and then administratively discharge me when I refused. I was told pretty categorically that they are not in the business of doing that.

2. Your payout is based simply on time served. The formulas can appear arcane, but are not dissimilar from your pension calculator sums. Essentially 1/3 of your base salary as an annual amount (taxed), paid monthly and a lump sum (not taxed) of three times that amount. IF and only IF your injury is assessed as caused by your service the annual amount is tax free. Armed Forces Compensation Scheme is seperate to Invalidity Discharge.

3. Speak to both your resettlement advisor and your NRIO (? can't recall exact acronym) briefing officer at the first available opportunity. There is good reason that even the Navy regards them as mandatory. The resettlement officer can get you on your CTP briefing course once you have been referred for medical discharge and give good advice on the process (you only have 14 weeks left post MBOS plus a pro-rata leave allowance....), and the NRIO brief at INM is a specialist on the process and knows all of the financials and intricacies of the system.

4. Don't rely on your P8 recommendation being a guaranteed discharge. Probably will be nowadays but have both plans good to go.

4. You should hopefully have an MBOS rating in the med-centre. Yeovilton's is excellent and can guide you through the mounds of paperwork you have to wade through. Q 9, 10 and 12 require careful consideration as to what YOU want to do and why YOU think you can or cannot do the job, both branch and general service specific (considering it from those perspectives is essentially the mindset of the Board itself).

5. The MBOS can give you a limited category, but 3 weeks later the Employment Board will sit and give their verdict - which supersedes that of the MBOS. Though they have never overturned a P8. This is to your advantage if you want out as they essentially only consider a branch specific viewpoint thus limiting their options if there is, for example, a flight safety implication.

I understand it can be a tedious and stressful process. There is a lot down to you to think what you want afterwards and unfortunately the only real information is from the brief you have down at INM at least 90 days before your board.

All the best. Chuck me a PM or ask here if you want more generalised info, though I don't check RR that often, I'm on ARRSE more.

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