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MBOS - post lymphoma/cancer!


Hi all,

I am new to NavyNet. Hoping someone here may be able offer some advice/reassurance. I am attending MBOS in May following recovery from Hodgkin's lymphoma. I've already been I formed that I will not likely be made fit to dive due to one of drugs within my treatment plan, annoying as this is, not the end of the world as still plenty of scope for a rewardi g career. Spanner was thrown in the works recently when it was revealed that due to having to receive irradiated blood in the event of the requirement for a blood transfusion. My med cat will be capped at P7 MND ( not deployable). The PMO appeared equally surprised at this stipulation. Does anyone have any idea how this would translate to a naval setting as this is from JSP 950? Obviously want to remain in service, have a further 11 years on present engagement, concerned about employability! May need a plan B or branch transfer! Any thought/advice appreciated. Thanks for reading.

MG Maniac

War Hero
I presume you are were diagnosed as Stage I or Stage II and in remission?? Problem is you will need irradiated blood products for life just in case there needed to be a stem cell rescue at some point in the future which, in the event of you requiring a transfusion whilst deployed is another complication. Even Ocean (which when deployed does carry blood components) doesn't carry irradiated products. Irradiated products need to be specially ordered from NHSBT and even in an emergency it can take upwards of 4 hours to get over the Solent to us ... and 24hrs to get to the Channel Islands ... if you are the other side of the planet then it would be considerably longer. ... which may not be an option.

Been out too long to comment on how the MBOS would see this and what the likely outcome would be but would be worth kicking your options around with someone who knows a) your condition and b) the requirements of the RN and work on a Plan B just in case.


Thanks for your comprehensive reply. Yes I have been in remission for the past 12 months, just a long wait to MBOS! I understand the duty of care commitment, my oncologist explained that in the event of requiring a transfusion and there was no irradiated blood available, I would still receive a transfusion as the risk of TA-GvHD was very small. In your opinion, do you think I would still be able to return to sea, UK only/overseas bases where i would be within 24hrs of a suitable hospital? Do you think it is likely that I will be retained where employable and reviewed in an annual basis? Apologies if this is something you cannot comment on. Thanks for your help already.
I think this kind of thing is only answerable by the MBOS. What ever educated comments that can be made, it will only be a guess.

However, I know loads of people who haven't been to sea in 11 years. I suspect you may not find that a problem for employability!
Small consolation I know, but you could branch transfer to PTI or Writer, as these are effectively shore billets, it might be better for any further treatment.
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