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I am going to MBOS in March because I have been downgraded for over 12 mts (depression), I wish to be retained and my doctor/psychiatrist agree, my boss has written a very negative statement about me which I approached him about but he is sticking to his guns, how much do the board take this statement in to consideration if everything else is very positive? If I am discharged how long do I get paid once the decision has been made and when do I have to move out of SFA? Thanks
I think you're getting two things mixed up. Note, I'm not a doc, and one may be along who can give you chapter and verse, but I have been through MBOS.

AIUI, and certainly the way it was (and it may have changed), MBOS is there to advise on your permanent medical category, based on medical evidence. So your write up about how well or otherwise you do your job shouldn't be either here or there. IIRC there's then NSMEB or something which is the employability element, which you don't get to go to, and which is more about how employable you are given your new category - which is where they start to balance up whether you can branch-change (if/as needed) or can remain doing what you're doing, etc. Obviously if MBOS decides you're permanently P8 then you're f*cked, bluntly, but if they leave any wriggle room then it becomes a manning decision.

Did you not get a guide to MBOS/NSMEB what they are, how they work, and what it all means when you were called forward with a date? If so, that's pretty comprehensive and has got all the info so have a read of it again, and if you've still got questions then there ought to be a contact for them where you can ask. no such thing as a silly question and forewarned is forearmed.

So I went into MBOS temporarily P3 or 7 or whatever it was, and the board decided, in a moment of madness, to make me P2 but caveated in such a way that I couldn't remain in my branch. The onus was then on NSMEB to decide whether I could be employed in any of the other branches, and, when it was decided I couldn't, that I would have to be discharged (honourably, complete with letter to prove it, btw).

Is your boss also your DO? If not then it's one of those occasions where it's worth milking the divisional system for what you can get now. What have you got to lose? You just need to find people that will fight your corner. If necessary go and find a chaplain, or NPFS, or someone along those lines, and talk it all through. It's what they're there for. You're in a tough spot and that's what they do.

ALL the above is subject to the fact that it may have changed since then (8 years ago), and that this is an internet forum, but I have been there so it's not - hopefully - a total shot in the dark. Basically, I don't think MBOS puts much weight on your bosses write-up, its there to consider the medical evidence offered by the docs/trick cyclists/whoever, and your own input. Which is why you're there. It's very formal, but at the same time they're trying to get a handle on who you are and what's been going on. So, answer their questions fully and honestly, and trust in the medical professionals.

At the same time, see if you can get on the resettlement briefing if you haven't already done so, and get down the education centre to see what if anything you can do with any ELCs, etc, that you might have. That's not assuming the worst, it's getting set up so that you can make the best of whatever happens. I didn't give up on staying in until I was in receipt of the discharge papers, but it didn't stop me from taking advantage of everything I was offered just on the off-chance it didn't work out. When it didn't work out, I was better off than I would have been if I'd stuck my head in the sand.

Good luck - it's easy to say try not to worry about it, but make some time to get things in place so that you know where you stand.
Thank you very much for all the advice and information. I did go to the brief back in the summer when I first found out I was going to MBOS but it was so long ago I have forgotten most of what was said. I have an NPFS support worker who is attending with me, my boss is unfortunately my DO.
MBOS like Kinross said, is purely medical. however at the moment due to manning shortages they are retaining quite a few people to Employability Boards (If your an AET,ME,WE or Submariner your laughing), even if you would have been made P8 the year before. They do take your personal statement into account so make sure it is current and well written. The current waiting list for Med board is around 8-10 months from getting reffered (which to me is unacceptable; basically keeping people hanging on tender hooks for a year of the rest of their lives). I'm currently in the same sort of siuation - Headley court and my unit PMO have both said P8-unfit for service due to chronic nerve damage on both legs so have to see what happens at the board. dont really want to leave but I know I'm broken and it seems a bit unfair me taking up second line billets for the next ten years. Plus daily pain limit is exhaustive to say the least, even walking from accomodation to scran is like climbing a mountain and i dont know how much more i can take, maybe civvy life is my next step.

If they can hang on to you they will. have a look at BR 1991 Chapter 8 for further guidance. also the legion may be able to offer advice, veterans agency havent been much help to me tho. your unit sickbay should have someone designated as an MBOS rating, they are normally swept up, talk to them?

good luck!
Thank you for all your advice and for taking the time to reply. I don't want to leave either and will fight my corner, I really do wish you the best of luck when your MBOS arrives, it's an uncertain time for both of us.
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