MBOS for non-diagnosed condition

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by g_geordie_boy, Sep 23, 2014.

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  1. areet everyone! first timer here,

    I know the subject of MBOS has been covered on here but I am after some fresh advice if possible? I have been suffering from lower leg pain since 2007. I sat an employability board in 2009 and got MLD RWO. I have been in pain ever since. Over the last year or so it has become significantly worse to the point where I am permanently Limping.
    I Never went back to sickbay ref my legs till the start of this year, and this was only because the pain had incresed dramatically and I was limping. I am currently taking up to 16 pain killers a day (3 different types) at the moment, this help but never gets rid of the pain completely.
    I have seen various doctors/physios at various med centres and have had MRIs etc but they still havent found anything.
    Several doctors have told me it is unlikely i will ever get upgraded as the condition is long running and degrading and also mentioned MBOS, with the Unit PMO telling me in no short words 'you shouldnt be in the military'. I am awaiting results of blood tests but i was wandering if anyone has heard of anyone being discharged for an undiagnosed condition?
    I was desperate to stay in but after talking it through with several people I think Med discharge is probably the way forward, I dont think i could take the prospect of desk/sh*t jobs, no Phys/AT and no promotion for the rest of my career.
    I ask the Vet Agency for help as soon as MBOS was mentioned and they told me to file for AFCS asap (as it was almost at the 7 year point). Not that it did much good as they came back saying they take responsibility but it isnt serious enough for compo, Bit disheartened as it has completely changed my life round (i used to love my Phyz and work) and is possibly the end of my career but never mind. it isnt all about the money i suppose.
    any advice on MBOS, Ivalidating, Possibilty of being retained, Undiagnosed conditions would be very gratefully recieved.
    For info I am a POAET with 13.5 years service.

    thank u all
  2. I apologise in advance for making light of your situation, but perhaps if you stopped 'wandering', your leg wouldn't hurt so much! o_O
  3. waaaaay, cheers dapper!!
  4. You're welcome!:)
  5. on a serious note, any sort of physical activity increases the pain. this includes daily tasks such as driving etc. also massively prone to impact pain, slightest knock/heavy step on my legs feels like an electric shock. tried every sort of self help remedy available but litterally nothing helps. I hobble around base like an 80 year old and I hate being the token sick chit. I hate the fact I was doing 9 minute 1.5 miles and now I struggle with the RPW(i have never failed it but last time it took me 5 weeks to recover, i know this sounds soft but it was ba***d agony). the doc said i can wear trainers if i want but the amount of benefit from that is miminal so still in service boots. Help me dapper, induce me with your knowledge, mesmerise me with your intellect??
  6. Oh dear :( I think you're shopping at the wrong supermarket! :D
  7. Dappers is a chef geordie_boy, he puts people into sickbay, not out of them

    Sorry dappers, someone had to say it ;)

    On a serious note, Nemesis may be able to assist, send him a PM.
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  8. hahaha cheers Wrecker,

    Not 100% sure how to PM but will have a play about
  9. They're called "conversations" on this new set up, hover your mouse over your screen name in the top right hand corner and a drop down menu should appear, it's on there.
  10. Cheers Wrecker I'll give it a shot matey

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