May the 4th.....


I'm trying to work out who the bloke in the chequered shirt is dressed as! :confused: Great thread by the way, cheers for brightening up my morning! :D

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I was a co-presenter once on quite a big outdoor kiddies show, the main presenter was on stage doing his thing and I was meant to join him for a bit of banter in about 60 seconds, I'd decided to dress up as a Jedi knight because I could and it was totally out of the script so I'd throw the main presenter off his stride for a laugh, anyway there I was having a quick smoke back stage whilst the sound Techie was fitting me up with a head mike, he and I failed to realise he'd switched my mike to "On".
10 seconds before I was due on stage I flicked my fag butt away and then panicked, I'd lost one of my props, so out over the sound system boomed my voice.... "Shit.....where's my fucking light saber" .... everyone back stage looked at me mortified..... that was fuck all, I then had to walk on stage infront of 15 thousand kids and parents who were looking at me with their jaws dragging on the ground. Ooops.

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