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Discussion in 'The Afterlife - Resettlement and Jobs' started by BillyNoMates, Jan 7, 2013.

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  1. This paragraph made me chuckle!!!

    "With more than 10 years in the military, and over 17 years in the civilian workforce, we have a unique understanding of the skills ex-military jobseekers possess and the challenges they face."

    A whole 10 years experience. Gosh!!!!!!!!!:grin:
  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    And your point is, Waspie? Depends on what they were doing in those ten years. If we are using your "time served = good egg" equation, then how do you account for young lads and lasses - barely into their 20s, who already have a chestful of gongs due to back-to-back deployments and Herrick tours? :?

    And in relation to their 17 years in the civilian workforce, then I would much rather listen to someone like them than some of the deskbound warriors in the Mob who seem to think they they're going to get outside and step straight into a job that pays them an equivalent wage to what they are "earning" [sic] in the Forces, or more. At least Ex-Mil have a realisitic appreciation of the salaries earned in the real world, and not what the RRCs tell the people attending their Resettlement Workshops every week.
  3. Well if they left the Military 17 years ago surely their 10 years service would put them leaving in 1996 correct.
    Which puts them into your did **** all good egg slot. !986-1996. Stand fast Granby.
  4. And you, you bastard, stop flashin Mr Pepper up will you, with all you cold war philosophy.
    Hey Waspie leave them kids alone,................
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  5. It always makes me chuckle when time served is used as a selling point. So what.

    As for the gongs analogy!! Sorry doesn't wash. Why does wearing a medal make a person more trustworthy or honest! in context with the thread.

    Ten years = good egg!!! Who says? Only the seller!!!

    Anyway, I don't want a job I want to lose one!
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  6. Well if you see me wearing medals you better be impressed,its not that easy to force windows anymore.
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  7. Medals!!!!!! Only ever saw the LSGC, medal on most in my time....but they had done loads of other war campaigns!!!!!!
  8. There were still blokes with bling from WW2, Korea, Palestine, Suez, Borneo and Aden when I first joined.

    We all got the GSM for everything except South Atlantic. There were blokes walking around with so many bars it looked like a ladder and the ribbon was invisible.
    Now they get the OSM or a different bling for each foray.
    My proudest moment was when awarded the ugly bug trappers grand master medal for an excursion into Virgins Corner and without backup.
  9. I still have a Golden Blanket award from one particular patrol, never got a medal for it though.
  10. How about Armilla?
  11. Tell you what mate lets chuck the Beira patrol in as well. **** it.

    I would add a smiley but my rig don't seem to want to give any out at the mo.
  12. Beira patrol reads like a walk in the park.:joker:
  13. longest I ever did at sea in one stint 32 days..flying day and night, checking the tankers name and registration:frown: and the fuel was getting to them by rail:D not sea :frown:

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