May 27th 1941 - Sinking of the Bismarck

:wink: :wink: Just thought i would give the Happy Vic a mention/ as the article seems not to, cant have the Ark stealing all the thunder :oops: !!!! Remember seeing her battle honours ,on a daily bases for 2 yrs. quote On 24 May 1941, Victorious launched nine of her biplane Fairey Swordfish torpedo bomber aircraft and two Fulmar fighters. The Swordfish, under the command of Eugene Esmonde who would make his name with the "Stringbag", as the Swordfish was known, flew through foul weather and attacked in the face of tremendous fire from Bismarck's anti-aircraft guns. The result was only a single, ineffectual hit to the armoured belt[1]. No aircraft were shot down during the attack, but the Fulmars ran out of fuel on the return journey and had to ditch in the ocean; the ship's homing beacon had failed. Victorious took no further part in the chase and sinking; aircraft from another carrier, the Ark Royal, contributed to the sinking of the Bismarck three days later. Esmonde received a DSO for his part in the action.

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