May 2016 BRNC

So I've just found out I've been selected for Warfare Officer Submariner to be starting in May.

I was wondering, does anyone currently or formerly there have any advice? Whether it's things to wish you had done before you went, things that weren't on the list to take but you wish you had, and any other general comments?

Would be hugely appreciated.
Hey, I'm going warfare surface. :)

A friend of mine said get fit, learn the Rules of the Road, and bring a set of Gucci tent pegs. And there's no point wearing a suit there, just wear dog robbers.
Just something that i learned on BLD and ABLE, I wouldn't go for expensive tent pegs, as in the confusion and rush of everything getting taken down pegs do go missing, I'd say go for quantity more than quality!
If I can be of any other help just shoot me a PM, more than happy to help

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