Maxwellisation ?.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Stirlin, Oct 18, 2015.

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  1. Tony Blair will help US on Iraq, 2002 memo says
    Families of troops lost in Iraq war threaten to take legal action if Chilcott inquiry is not made public by December.
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  2. I wish the families well but I fear taking it to court will do nowt but muddy the waters even more. Delay will breed more and more delays while it crawls through the court system.
  3. You have a point fishhead , cannot make up my mind about the expression 'Maxwellisation' , do they mean former owner/editor of Mirror Group Robert Maxwell or Falklands hero Maxwell Hastings ?.
  4. here you go Stirl

    Maxwellisation is a procedure in current British legal practice where individuals due to be criticised in an official report are sent details of the criticism in advance and permitted to respond prior to publication.

    The process takes its name from the publisher Robert Maxwell. In 1969, Maxwell was criticised in a report by the Department of Trade and Industry as "unfit to hold the stewardship of a public company". Maxwell took the matter to court where the DTI was said by the judge to have "virtually committed the business murder" of Maxwell.

    To avoid any repeat of Justice Forbes' ruling, official policy was altered to ensure prior notice would be given of critical findings in advance. Relevant witnesses are shown the specific extracts of reports relating to them.

    Many examples exist of the process being applied including the 1997 report into the Guinness share-trading fraud and the Iraq inquiry.
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