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Hi folks,

Sorry if this has been done to death on here in the past but I've become a little worried. We have conducted CDT in Faslane over the past couple of days. Now, I know for a fact that I haven't touched anything illegal like weed or other Class A. B or C substances since I joined up. However, during the recent patrol I've been hitting the gym and ended up using several of the maximuscle products and have been using them since I got back in order to keep up and improve on the levels of fitness.

Thus the question, are these supplements 100% alright? I know it says on the products themselves that they have been fully screened and they also sell the stuff in the NAAFI here, but I'm still a little paranoid.

Could anyone shed any light on this, please?


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Something in the back of my head says there was something going around a few months ago warning users to only buy from UK authorised sellers. Something about the buying from the US over the interporn and their product has some shit that gives a positive CDT.

Nae luck for the Prima Donnas who wanted to save 30p. :evil3:


Maximuscle should be banned, not because it will lead to a failed CDT but because it's overpriced shit.
While I was in Naples someone had a positive CDT which was caused by a product to help him sleep during the day after night watches which he'd purchased over the counter in a local pharmacy.

I suppose that if you have any doubt about something you're using then at the very least declare it when you give your sample.

As has already been mentioned, probably best to stick to UK products.


CDT isn't designed to see if you waste money on products like Maximuscle.

Usually they don't contain anything illegal, but some stuff bought online might. Safest option - save your cash.
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