Mau Mau compensation

So there is a large sum of money to be paid to Mau Mau insurgents for their sufferings. I wonder if there is to be any compensation paid to the families of those hacked to death by the Mau Mau.:neutral:
So who's next on the newly flagged off gravy train? Sundry Malays, Indonesians and bloody Yemens? I'm sure some of the latter must still have twinges from Dr Argyle and Sutherland's pile curing operation.

I do hope some bright bugger's thought this through properly.
Or any compo for the troops who served out ther .Like my brother(dead now) who had a spear through his side whilst patrol and was in a bad way
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Whilst I sympathise with you over your brother's injury I think a "wound" inflicted during an "exchange of ordnance" is a bit different to torture and rape (alleged or otherwise) by soldiers on "civilians and non-combatants". That is not to say I agree with Cameron paying this money out, nor am I impressed by governments and other interest groups who persist in making claims over "ancient history" and for seeing only one side of the coin. If this is the shape of things to come, when are we going to put in our bid for compensation from the Italians for Roman abuses inflicted during their occupation? And come to think about it, how much are the Jews entitled to for what the Nazis did etc?

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