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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by wiltsstokie, Jan 17, 2009.

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  1. I am planning on going to university as a mature student next year, I am 21 and looking to join the Navy as an officer when I graduate. However, despite having a degree I won't have the 2 A levels required as a minimum qualification. Does this mean that I can't join as an officer or is that a 'minimum' grade and a degree would see me qualify? Thanks for any help.
  2. Hi

    I am sure that a degree would over rule a couple of A levels. The 2 A levels or 180 UCAS points are a minimum.

    You should be ok but if you want a definite answer speak to some one at your nearest careers office
  3. I was planning on doing an open uni degree because college isn't a viable option for me at the moment. Anyway, I asked the AFCO and he said a degree does not overrule A levels. He suggested doing A levels alongside the degree courses; maybe you could do that?

    Long story short: I believe the army will accept a degree to overrule A levels (I looked into that as well) but the navy say "No, you need UCAS points.".

    Good luck.
  4. What this man said, I was in a relatively similar situation to you (different in that I already had the degree when I started thinking about the RN) and I've had to join as a rating. The up-side however is that if you do a 3 year bachelors course now, you'll be 24 when you graduate and still young enough (JUST!) to do a couple of A levels and apply for any officer trade.
  5. really!?! a degree does not overrule A levels! I was just guessing really but it seemed to make sense...Oh well

    that is interesting though
  6. Yep, stupid as it might sound, we have several guys who have degrees but not enough UCAS points for a commission.

    Rather pathetic really..
  7. A University education is pretty different from school and college qualifications. Although there is no arguing that a degree is more valuable, in general, than a couple of A levels, there are certain things that A levels can show you are better at. For example, most University degrees focus on original thought and problem solving whereas most A levels tend to be about memory recall, observations and calculations.

    Of course, there are some courses at University that are just like A levels. First year maths for example. You could do first year maths, then apply to your local college to sit the maths A level without taking the course. The same is true for chemistry, and maybe physics. You probably couldn't do first year history modules, and then sit an A level history exam though because the syllabus will almost certainly be completely different.

    What do you plan to study, and where?
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Correct, unfortunately you cannot join without the minimum requirement.

    You need the 5 GCSE's (including maths & English) & the 180 UCAS points at A Level standard regardless of your degree & beyond.

    The Army may view it differently on a case by case basis.

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