Mattbea's age....

How many mental years younger is mattbea from his actual age?

  • He is as wise as his age allows....

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  • Er what was the question again?

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  • He is a mentally below his age

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  • Should he consider entering politics?

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I've been wondering if mattbea suffers from OD syndrome (you know, the one about growing old but never growing up) but have decided against the option. The interesting question is how many intellectual years younger is MB from his actual age. For example is he is 18, then is he 1 year mentally younger (mental age = 17) or say five (mental age = er... 13) ?
mattbea said:
WAHAYYYY I feel famous now I've got a post about myself, why does age EVEN bother you? thingy.
It started with you age and ended with lap dancing. Thats good even for this site! :thumright:
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