Maths GCSE resit whilst serving

Sorry if I have posted in the wrong forum, but have been trying to find out which syllabus is used when you resit a maths GCSE whilst serving. I am interested in doing this, and need to find out which specification is used but am on leave at the moment and can't find out.

Hope someone who has done it or knows can help.



Lantern Swinger
I sat mine in March and got the results in september, I failed it due to not touching enough on trig.

First paper was general maths, the second was pure hell.

Sat it onboard not many lessons. If you can find some one who is good at maths get them to teach you one on one.

You can get pass papers from IGCSE off the net.
I've taught iGCSE - the biggest sticking point being people not bothering to turn up after the first couple of lessons. If it's for your hooks, perhaps get your LANTERN done first, as it's a bit quicker to do. You should also be able to do a week long LANTERN course in each of the main bases and then take your test on the Friday. Speak to your DO and DepCo about it.
Even easier than that guys get your DO to be the invigilator at your exam onboard, mine did paper 2 for me and I dripped like fcuk cos he only got me a B

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