Maths degree at OU whilst being an accelerated submarine apprentice.

Hey guys,
I'm new here - be nice :)

I know someone has asked a similar question before on a thread but it was in 2012 so I thought I would get an up to date version.

Just about a month ago I applied with the open University to do a maths degree. (Obviously there is a large degree of flexibility with it). I just completed my A- levels last year.

Recently (within the last couple of weeks) I applied for the accelerated apprenticeship submarine engineer scheme.
Is it POSSIBLE to complete my degree whilst on the accelerated apprenticeship programme? Do you know anyone or have you done something similar yourself?

Any feedback/help would be highly appreciated.


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Have you applied for any university courses? You should try that if you’re interested in a maths degree.

You can join and take on an OU course. But you’ll probably struggle to complete it due to a hundred factors for a while. But it can be done.

My advice would be to complete your maths course and then apply.


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While it is possible to continue with an OU degree while serving it would be extremely difficult to do so as a new entrant.
Your time will be completely taken up by your RN training.
After initial training there will be Submariner training.
All this takes preference over anything else.
On completion of training an OU degree is possible and you can use your RN annual educational allowance towards the cost.
However it certainly is not worth starting before joining.
Though not often in agreement with Witsend in this case consider his advise

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