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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by masha35, Oct 1, 2009.

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  1. Hi, asked about AEt before a month or so ago and after a lot of good advice took/passed the tests today.Firstly, thx for all the advice/help. Secondly, regarding maths.......obviously i realise hving passed the tests that im capable of passing the courses later at the minimum level, but im no great maths man and have always struggled a bit. Im worried that i may do ok but never do really well in some exams. Will this always hold me back for promotion, or is that baesd on your work performance in equal measures. i mean lets say im mid table in some exams but a really good tech at deck level(so to speak), does that give me a fair crack at getting promoted up and up, or will the top exam takers always get ahead of you, even though they may only be better academics?

    Also, i know you have to pass phase 1/2 etc to get to a certain rank/level but do you keep taking more and more progressively nightmarish exams to get further prmoted, or is the promotion later based more on exp/performance etc? Again, i worry ill get to mid level and then just freak if they start asking for more and more complex successes in engineering blah blah maths/physics.

    Anyway, its one thing being able to meet minimum requirements but another thing to really make a success out of it........i relaise its competitive but juist hope tht maths wont bring my whole career down cos i wasnt ace at it, whilst maybe being good at other things instead.......

    thx in advance....
  2. sorry, promotion something you can go for after a certain time after certain certs have been acquired etc and then if you pass X exam you have that promotion(ie 10 candidates fulfill criteria/time srved/certs etc and are earmarked for promotion at that time of their careers for 10 slots)?

    or is it very 20 candidates for 2 spots and only top scorers get them etc and rest are left dangling(i realise at very top that may be the case but is it right the from beginning)?
  3. M,

    The requirements for promotion etc is a very complex subject, and varies from branch to branch. For that reason I won't get into it too deep, however I will say that you should not be concerned about your maths ability provided you have passed the relevant aptitude test. Again, a weak maths ability would not prevent promotion provided that you have passed the relevant exam. There are also many other factors involved such as your 'hands-on' ability, as you said, which would be reflected in a report given by your divisional officer. There is also a lot to be said for someone that recognises a weakness in themselves and actively seeks to improve it.

    Without wanting to sound patronising, you may also surprise yourself when you get into the 'RN training environment' and find actually that it is not such a problem after all.

    All the best.
  4. First of all congratulations on passing your maths.
    Now don't give up on the education, continue studying maths until you reach at least GCSE grade 1 level (maybe a little higher).
    This will help you when you eventually do Leading Hands qualifying course.
  5. Im a bit relieved to hear what you are saying and it makes a lot of sense. I know noone can prefict i will be ok, but its nice to hear solid , clear thoughts on the matter. Ill try to concentrate on being pleased about passing today instead of worrying and being a bore. Its just a big commitment and i dont want to end up swimming aimlessly in the lower ranks for yearsand being very frustrated....hopefully that will not happen :)

    Nice people at the afco too and the job is very appealing........thx for help.............are u serving at moment?
  6. Well done on your passing for AET. I was an old NAM, same thing but in old money. No ed quals to my name but made it OK.

    Have confidence in your abilities.

    Play to your strengths and work on your weaknesses. If your weakness is maths then spend a little more time on the subject and you will do fine.

    If things get tough, my way of dealing with it was to identify the class idiot and think if that git can do it then so can I.

    Good luck for the future.
  7. Serving CPO WEA.
  8. Congratulations on the Maths. Now I am not being pickie, but would suggest brushing up on the English. You will find that reading and writing are used more than maths. If you write in the Mod Form 700 in txt you will not be very popular.

    I take it there is still a Mod Form 700 you guys that are serving?
  9. If you end up on Harriers, only maths skill required is totaling the coffee boat at the end of the week.
  10. :roll: And not touching anything painted Black/Yellow :lol: :lol:
  11. Correct
    However to pass any course above that of OD will require a good grounding in Maths. Don'tknow about the Mechanical world but in the Electrical world, trig, algebra and for some reaon something called j notation seemed to enter into. :p
  12. well i suppose doing an online course in engineering maths would be a nice idea while Im waiting around. It certainly cant hurt anyway. Incidentally, 'picky' is not spelt 'pickie':)

    cheers for all the advice
  13. Thank you for your observance.
    I should be a capital letter as it is a personal pro-noun. Engineering Maths should be capitalised.
    I'm, should have an apostrophe denoting the shortening of I am, as should can't being shortened from can not. :wink:
  14. MALPAL....i got yr mesaage,,,i was busting yr 35 and write and speak better english than 90% of this country..........!!! But i appreciated the point anyway cos you dont know me..........this is a forum...not an MOD form, and im fully aware..........i happen to agree with you, because the youth write and speak so badly...its scary!!!

    I was being nasty in reply......sorry for that(tht yeaah man knnnowwwe wot i meeen)
  15. Never took any offence, I can give you 30 years and yes the standard of English amongst the youth of today is scary, which really gives us a responsibility to try and show them how to write; if they won't read books, then this might be a place to.
    My kids text all the time, in fact they have thumbs like navvies and the keys of their mobile phones are worn smooth, but they can still down and write intelligibly. :lol:
  16. Yes, i find myself txting in he lingo on forumz but do really winder if some of the yoof know any better if they had to try!!!???In some cases i think the ali G speak is all some of them know.............its very very worrying..........theydont read anyhting of note and dont know anything beyond lord of the rings......many seem to think that popeye was a real person etc etc!! God help us!
  17. Are the job prospects good after doing yr time as an AET? The avionics has been advised as a direction, as it gives you a more specialist role (apparently) and may offer better paid work later. Do you just end up working at an airport, or are there other options out there? Do civvies rate exp as an AET highly, or do they constantly stonewall you for higher jobs cos of lack of degree in Eng?
  18. Very dificult to answer. How can you predict the job market in the future?

    I tried and failed. The recession in 92 quashed all my dreams. There I was a qualified airline ops manager with airlines shedding ops jobs hand over fist.

    As you know engineering is always striving to minimise maintenance time. Every minute an aircraft, (I'm talking civvie street), is on the ground without paying passengers it isn't earning the corperation $$$$$$ So I envisage aiurlines and the like reducing it's fitters.

    However, that said, the aviation industry always employs good people so again it's down to making a decision for better or for worse!!!!!!
  19. yes, i see yr point.......its a hard one and the only thing for sure is that civvie outfits with think of more brilliant ways to take as much maintenance out of the equation as is possible. I suppose one has little chance of working in the defence sector, cos the stuff you learn as an AEt is not really that secret or complex at AET presuming that. I guess the OIL sector is an option if i went rotary. Im really just trying to think what my options would be apart from working for BA et al! A lot to ponder really.
  20. I suppose it depends how long you intend to stay in, will they let you sign on for 22 years joining at 35. That will make you 57 with a pension, doing something you really like part time might fit the bill.
    I left after 22, married an Australian Vet and moved over here, we ran a small practice together, she got to stick her hand up animals bums and I did the management side. The wheels fell off the marriage eventually and I turned my hand to the Ambulance Service, never looked back exept for cursing myself for not doing it when I was 20.

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