Mathematical Conversation Starters

I've just been reading a couple of reviews of a book called 777 Mathematical Conversation Starters. See here (the reviews are down the bottom and quite weird):

Here is one of the reviews:

'Instructive, amusing, provocative, and insidiously addictive, 777 Mathematical Conversation Starters serves up ample fodder for feeding mathematics into .... cocktail-party chatter.’

mmm? .. Can any of our RumRationers provide us with amusing examples or experiences of using maths to open conversations at a cocktail party?


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Just what we always wanted.
Suppose you could say to that nice little thing down the road "I reckon I have a 60% chance of getting into your nicks, mathematically speaking of course" .
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I'm sure I've seen it on here but; there are just 10 sorts of people: those that understand binary and those that don't.
What !!!!!!!! :D
Well some of us know which category you fall into.
:lol: :lol: :lol:

I've seen it in here, too. I ws going to nick it for my web page. Still might :lol:
(In Lils) Hi, love. Can I ask you something? If mathematics is simply the abstraction of our intuitions about the physical world, then why is it so universal? Surely each mathematician would then develop a personal mathematics from their own intuitions and claims of mathematical objectivity would become muddied. Equally one can ask why it is that a rejection of spatial intuition, on purely logical grounds, such as that of Euclid's fifth postulate, should lead to mathematics that is surprisingly more applicable rather than less? Anyway, fancy a dance later?


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and after that perhaps you fancy coming back to my place so we could consider a potential function along with its equipotential curves and the streamlines of the gradient field of the potential. While you give me a blow job....


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Unfortunately only a Mathematician or Physicist would know what you were talking about (it's a very special number and worthy of a good conversation) In my experience there aren't many attractive mathematicians or physicists!

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