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'Miles Aweigh' is the naval history of Able Seaman R A Miles, who was called up in September 1941, served in Landing Craft of one sort and another through Dieppe, Torch, Husky and Overlord and then went out to the Far East and back before demob. He then rejoined at the end of 1945 and served in Howe and KGV which he hated and in Cadiz and Battleaxe which were a lot better. He was a world class scrounger with a world class eye for a quiet number and made himself comfortable in most unlikely circumstances. This is a Must Read as there are so few good accounts of the Lower Deck in WW2 and immediately after. I have had only a speedy side-loan of Hampshire Library's only copy and the book may be difficult to find, but DO make the effort. This is a very dull review of what is in places a screamingly funny book for anyone who has worn a blue suit.
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