Matelots marching

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Ueshiba, Jul 26, 2008.

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  1. Comical it is. I just found a an old film of my early 80s Raliegh pass out. My god. I was a young whipper snapper.

    Farkin ace Divisions though, And to see Jenny wearing those gloves still gives me the horn. Fair play.

    And the Tiffs too. All change.

    A day to remember! :thumright:
  2. Don't want to s##t on your parade but the RNR have never been able march :thumleft:
  3. I remember at the RAH practice when the RNR contingent got a bollocking for marching down the steps and across the middle bit. Some of the blokes were definately MINCING!!! :lol: Alcohol may have been a factor :biggrin: I marched perfectly with the RNXS contingent, of course! ;)
  4. My dad was sent out to New York for the victory parade after Op Granby as part of the army contingent. Of course, there was an RAF and an RN contingent too, and one very senior Guards RSM in charge of sorting out their drill for the day.

    By all accounts, this guy went through all five stages of grief before finally giving in and accepting that matelots just can't march :)
  5. Filo Brigade have never been known to march......they bimble !! :thumright:
  6. I was part of the London march after the first middle east oil war, in 91. What a shower of drunken bimbling gits we were. BUT the public loved us, which was the point of it really. The average civvy knows full well that its the Army that do the marching up and down, NOT Matelots!
  7. But it was ever thus;- Supply and Secretariat. Three paces forward march Mince Mince mince
    WRNS Squelch squelch squelch Plop

    Royal Marines fall in in in three ranks--One behind the other ==Twice
  8. There was the time at Caernarvon at the Investure in 69 when this deck ape told our stripey to Feck Off when he was concerned about the ciggy ash fallling on his immaculately[normal] turned out troop. Moving from the tented area by coach to our designated area this deck ape lit up.

    Having the scar on his face from a glass incident in Singers by a naval type did not help matters. He detested these people with the funny hats and trousers more than the stated enemy of the time. With deck ape shouting nothing but a part time tawt helped to fuel the fire. He screamed in his eyeball pointing at RM and three stripes. I am no part time tawt I am a regular you fecking half wit!! The sun roof of the coach lifted three inches [he was in a good mood].

    Needless to say the smoking stopped.
  9. It's well known that the marching song of the RN Medical Branch is "See them shuffling along", and we're proud of it; only anchor faced sods can march. Who really needs to?!
  10. What?
  12. La Palice France 1974. Rememberance day. H.M.S. Hardy marching with frogs. What a laugh could not keep in step. Blamed on frog band.
  13. Everything changes with time, having done it, and having seen it, i don`t think that there is anything smarter than a Royal Naval Guard marching in full blues with bayonets fixed, maybe you don`t do that anymore, which is a shame.
  14. I always enjoyed marching. It was just the preliminary bit during ROC basic I was less keen on. They didn't need to shout at me. I was a good boy. I was absolutely petrified. :oops: :roll:
  15. the comment about rnr not being able to march was binned by CPO "BLOOD" RIED( hms collingrads chief g.i.) the guard for rnr100 were spot on, in time and no mistakes and he said it was one of the best guards he had ever trained because we all volunteered for it and not press ganged
  16. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I remember doing a huge Queens Birthday Parade, loads of Matelots marching through Pompey, thousands watching, proper bell bottoms balooned out over pristine white gaiters, bayonets fixed. Must have been early '60's. I can't remember where we finished up, it could have been in Southsea where the grand finale(sp) was the "Fiere de joy" (I know thats not the right phrase but some clever sod can put me right).
  17. I'd have to agree with you there Hig. A Matelot Guard is something special to behold, when properly trained it beats any percy gang of thugs. But NOT with SA80's though, it has to be SMLE with bayonets fixed for me I'm afraid. A guard with SA80's just doesn't look right IMO.
  18. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    LE .303 even better than the SLR
  19. S&S marching - never a strong point with Dusties!

    Mid 70s in RNSS Chatham, I was in the advancement platoon that was sent round again after the trainees & Wrens had marched off.
    The Parade Commander was none too pleased, I don't think one of us was instep with anyone else :oops:

    The whole class was made to march up and down outside the sick bay for quite a time, and we weren't allowed to forget it !!

  20. Trafalgar Day in London.

    All Sea Cadets.

    Cant be beaten.

    (Tourists love it!)

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