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matelots making the news

Having done something similar with a buch of sailors who got a trifle out of hand in Brodick, I would say that was a good result for all. Of course this should be the end of it, but I suspect that in today's PC world there will be more to come.



IRDK again! - apparently it was sent away in disgrace from Port up in the Artic recently cos of Mats fighting - with each other!!!
The mind boggles ,they had been at sea for TWO WEEKS,and things are better in todays Navy,what would have happened had they been at sea for THREE MONTHS?
A little scudding by the joss might be in order or some stoppage of leave for showing the mob in a bad light. However matelots have been getting into stuff like this since christ was a killick,
I think they were getting into such bother long before Chist was even though of, never mind joined up.

higthepig said:
The mind boggles ,they had been at sea for TWO WEEKS,and things are better in todays Navy,what would have happened had they been at sea for THREE MONTHS?

T'is amazing! Good thing they're not in submarines. If they've caused this before then I'd scrub their shore leave for a couple of months, but then these days it's a right not a priviledge!
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