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Matelot Mountain leaders????


I was watching the 2nd episode of the 1985 vintage series "Behind the lines", the series following RM recruits through the ML traing course, and I'm sure I got a glimpse of a RN leading hand on the the training staff.

The killick in question was the one who found the pound note in the knife whilst seaching the students prior to them going off on one of the excercises. He'd obviously done the AACC, as he had "navy commando" on his arm. As an ex matelot myself it intreged me.

I was just wondering if there were infact Matelot ML's (which I find very hard to believe to be honest), or was I seeing things???




War Hero
I honestly don't know but I'm sure the OAAMAAM forum could help provide the answer.

Thing to remember is the fact a matelot was on the training team, it doesn't mean he was an ML, he could've just been a SERE spec.

As a firefighting instructor in Rosyth we used to periodically instruct SBS troops, but only in firefighting.
When I did the aircrew survival course (volunteer not going aircrew) all the instructors were Survival Equipment types.

Great week, we did 90% of it, missed out the Escape and Evasion bit

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JFH..when did you do the Survival Course?...I did mine 87 ish...when we seriously broke a subby..the TO got Court Marshalled for it !!
It was when I was on 360 squadron at Wyton so sometime in the early 90's. They used to run a few dumbed down courses that anybody could go on. 5 of us went 3 matelots and 2 crabs.

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There were Commando trained Navy Medics attached to the Cadre, not sure if Sinbad did a stint with them.
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