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Their height does not vary by a centimeter and they are all rated between an 8 and 10. They must have a cloning machine!
Be impressed with their marching abilities as they are extremely good. Also, keep in mind that China is not our friend and that those pretty ladies doing all that marching undoubtedly know fully well how to use the machine guns they carry and that they are a part of one of the largest, if not the largest, standing armies on earth. And we are in the process of cutting our own military to pre-WWII standards. Now, aren't we the smart ones? China just deployed her first aircraft carrier centered naval battle group.
This is really impressive ... what ability, discipline and impeccable organization!
Each group consists of 25 rows of 14 Chinese military women (25 x 14 = 350).
Each force (Army, Navy and Air Force), has 5 rows (25 x 3 x 5 = 375).
All 350 women (or 375) have almost the same height and body type.
They are so flawless and march at the same pace that they look like images made by a computer!
Chinese military women


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Their CPOGI must have been a superstar. I couldn't get 'Jack' to march 6 abreast without them looking like a dogs hind leg.

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