This series of Masterchef has in the opening credits and trailer for next week's programmes, shots of the contestants onboard a RN Vessel somewhere. With a fire alarm!

Anyone know what ship, where etc. I'm concerned about the poor contestants, as we all know how hard it is to cook in the RN..........

(paging Mr Dapperdun, paging Mr Dapperdun.....)

Serious head on - a VERY high standard of contestants this year IMHO.
Thanks! We'd have found this out tomorrow anyway!

From the power of Google -

The MasterChef semi-finals continue with a spectacular challenge, as the eight remaining best cooks in the competition head to the biggest naval base in western Europe to embark on a special mission to serve lunch to members of the Royal Navy on board one of its longest-serving ships, anti-submarine frigate HMS Northumberland.

The semi-finalists face the enormous challenge of running their own kitchens in two specially constructed catering tents. Split into two teams of four, each team have to create two main courses and a dessert to feed 110 members of the ships company.

With less than four hours to deliver, organisation and teamwork are essential for success. It's vital the two teams perform at their absolute best and produce a lunch worthy of the occasion, because after judging their food, John and Gregg pick the weakest team to return to the MasterChef kitchen, where they must cook-off against each other in a special Invention Test.

The contestants must create a stunning dish from the leftover produce from the previous challenge, which includes cod heads and trimmings, vegetables, fruit, bacon, pancetta and black pudding.

With one more contestant going home after this, the battle is on to stay in the competition and take another step towards being crowned MasterChef Champion 2016.


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So they don't have to work in the galley...sorry, but how is this a challenge if they are not even slightly space limited!

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So they don't have to work in the galley...sorry, but how is this a challenge if they are not even slightly space limited!

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I imagine that they would've wanted to close the kitchen so that they could get their 'production values' right. I guess that wasn't an option.


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I guess not. Just annoying that we can't have them running around like tits in a tiny kitchen! What's the point with massive tents! Ah well

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Anyway, it was nice to see Defiance and a boat in the background! Anyone else spot the continuity errors where the Ensign was at half mast one minute, then masthead the next?

I enjoy the programme, but it would have been much more 'fun' (for us the veiwers, not the contestants!) to have used the galley! Maybe they'd have need two shifts.
It's all very well getting fledgling chefs cooking for Jack(and Jackesses) fancy scran if the portion sizes wouldn't feed a pigeon. Plates licked clean in two minutes flat to be followed by a tasty duff with equally meagre portions. One said he'd happily pay for scran like that while others looked around hopefully in case they were going to be asked if anyone wanted seconds. No chance Jack, now get turned to!
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