Master at Arms

Thought that this might be the correct Forum for this question. Seeing as we now have an equal opportunity military these days, is the title above still relevant? Do you still call them 'Master' and what is a WO MAA called apart from the obvious. That being Sir I suppose. Just a question from an old and not so bold that has been bugging me for some time.

Female MAA are still called Master (if you want a bite, call them Mistress, guaranteed nibble every time, even better than calling them Chief ;)).

WOMAA are just "Sir". You know a WO is a crusher as all crushers have "RN Police" on their epaulletes as well as their rank, including the WOMAA.


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I do wonder why MAAs still need to wear the little white bracelet now that they have RN Police emblazoned everywhere. Tradition is the only reason I suppose.
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