Master At Arms


Many years ago, early 1972, my Instructor told us about the history of branch badges. All badges featured "crossed" images, ie gunners had two crossed gun barrels. If you could read, you got a star above the crossed device. If you could read, you got a star below. If you could both read and write, you got a star above and one below. That was why, he said, that the Supply Branch got a big star, as not only could we read and write but could also add up! He then showed us the page of branch badges and told us to find the star in a Regulator's badge!

Not true of course, but still a good dit!
Nutty said:
Its is difficult to show a scab being lifted in gold wire so they went for a cross. But how cross are they?


Ok lets return for a badge to show the branch, "Medicated Swallowers Of Passion" (Thanks to Ray Davies of the Kinks)