Massive Influx of Spam

Bad CO

Apologies for the massive influx of spam we've seen of late although I think I've managed to clear most of it up now. I've just realised that RR doesn't have a key piece of anti-spam software installed (the excellently named Spam-o-matic) which is very good at both preventing it and making clearing things up much quicker. This is a pretty major oversight by us and I GCO should be on the case tomorrow.

In the meantime a few top tips for spam:

  • Don't click on the links ..... after all this is exactly what they want.
  • Don't reply to the thread as this bumps it up the Last 50 etc which means it is more likely someone else will click on a link
  • Please notify us in the "Spammers in Here" so that one of the mod or admin team can deal with it.
Another top tip for spam.

mix it with a bit of chicken, fry it with curry powder and onions, add a dash of vodka, a glug of beer some chickpeas and chopped tinned tomatoes (Indian flavour) and it makes a pretty decent curry.


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Spam. Dinner for poor people.

Similarly, salad cream - for those who cannot afford mayonaise... :twisted:


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The thing that really pisses me off with Spam is getting the stuff out of the bloody tin!!!!:frustrated:


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The thing I hate about Spam is those sodding vikings turning up every time you ask for it in a shop!


Chop into half inch cubes add a little water, oxo cube, crunch up some unsweetened biscuits and stir in, heat untill warm, give to dog.


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I love Spam O Matic on ARRSE - really power for a MOD. <evil laugh>

Much more fun than my real job.
.....And if you're ever in a pub quiz and get asked about SPAM it means "Specially Prepared American Meat".... Ask your Granny, she loved it. ;)

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