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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Jenny_Dabber, Feb 23, 2006.

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  1. Right ok, I may have poo for brains here on this one;

    Being a lass I never had the urge to 'fulfill' my night with £40 and a lady. Now we all know Guz is known for its 'ladies of the nights' or toms!

    Between HMS Drake gate and The Milbridge pub there is/was a massage studio, where, if you paid a tad extra you got the full works. I know this as the lads would go on all the time about it. I can't remember the name, its something like Studio 2?

    Ach, anyway, I am sure a few of you 'sea going types' will know what I am on about :wink:
  2. You're an ex-Wren. Check your old payslips, 'cos I'm pretty sure that some of the ladies of the night were in fact ladies of the Women's Royal Naval Service!
  3. Studio 1, just by Carousels and around the corner from The Avondale. One of our stokers went in there for "manual relief", but fled when he saw his "masseuse". Apparently she looked like Gollum's body double from 'Lord of the Rings'.... 8O
  4. say it like it's a bad thing!
  5. Listen, just because I had a few too many drinks and ended up in Jesters, doesn't mean I worked there! Hang on...............does LSSB cover it?
  6. Have you seen that bird in the Sun today? Navy is full of "lezzers in the paint lockers" apparently - and as soon as you get away from the wall all the Wrens are chasing each other to share bunks! I want to know where you lot got the double bunks from!

    Jenny - what was your POS again....?!

    She wants to be the new Jordan.....looks rough enough.
  7. Double bunks? Ah, your referring to the C.O.'s bed again!

    I was a mere OM(UW).
  8. Got my sympathy Jenny, having to mix with those knuckledraggers in the forends. Must have been a real education for you
  9. Frigging nightmares for life mate :twisted:
  10. Us gentleman UC's never ventured either forward into the Forends or aft past the control room. Weird things grew in those dank areas, both human and otherwise
  11. Oh I get it! You mean work! Figures, what were you? WEO?
  12. Just a poor deprived AB UC3. B ut did have my moments. Wouldn't have missed it for quids
  13. It's alright for you sidon, I was a TI so I had to spend all my time among those dark frightening things! Hang on, are you saying I'm one of 'em.......oh my God, pass me a mirror, I always thought I was beautiful and now when I look I too have a face like a bag of pusser's spanners! Now how did a hangman's noose go? Right over left...... :wink:
  14. I thought the term was ' a body like a gash bag full of harbour cotter's '. I did Oberon from '79ish to '81 ish. Before that was Sealion and after was Onslaught, Odin, Otus and then Sealion again. After Mech's course Turbulent.
  15. Could have been worse...I had to share my living accommodation with The Airborne Mob...being a Soldier and a wonder I fled to see my brother in Portsmouth most weekends....
  16. If Johannas pops up in your next sentence,warn me :wink:
  17. femail soldier brother pompy all in the same sentance!!!!! hhhmmm
  18. If Johannas pops up in your next sentence,warn me :wink:[/quote]

    Ah Joannas,the place where your feet stuck to the carpet as you were doing your best Bee Gees impression in the 70s and the tree in the middle which kept you upright from 1.00am in the morning after pay day!!
  19. Any one remember the Palm tree they used to have in Jo's and then they changed it to a fake one :cry:
  20. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    Yes, I used to, err, water it whenever I was in there.....

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