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Mass murder in the skies: was the plot feasible?

For the record that was a doctor evil style laugh, the expat kissing technique has long been perfected........ or so the ladyboys tell me.

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Levers_Aligned said:
Let's see the evidence, and see them sent down beyond reasonable doubt. If they do walk (and no doubt straight into the nearest Mosque for some more 'terrorist training')
Levers_Aligned said:
So we just let them get on with it for fear of upsetting them?

No, Lingyai. What we do is (as a nation) ask ourselves what the logic is adopting a hugely risky policy of muticulturalism and then making war with thier peers overseas. We should also ask who the enemy really is and stop being blinded by smoke and mirrors and the apparent evidence showing some dyalising bearded ******** in a cave as the absolute truth of the case. We should accept that any trouble in the Middle East is about oil, and oil alone and not the fanatcal rantings which emanate from the ********* of backward-facing tribespeople and quasi-religious curates. We should examine (with some detail) who is funding it all, who is actually driving the notion of mass butchery and call a halt to the misguided idiocy of 'freedoms' and 'liberation', especially when more people are dying now in Iraq than when Saddam Hussein was alive, more troops are slowly being rubbed out in Afghanistan and every ****** in a dish-dash and a beard wears a surcoat with 'ENEMY' emblazoned on the back.

Levers_Aligned said:
So, you'd be happy as **** to be caught in the crossfire (or your kids) on the streets of Britian (or mistakenly slotted, even) so the War of Terror can go on? Have a ******* decent think about what you're saying there. You're actually advocating a police state, with martial law. Lovely! And ... at war with whom, exactly?
Levers_Aligned said:
Are you offshore? Do you actualy know what is going on in the world? Police state is not a problem for law abiding citizens.

A police state? No problem? I love it. You are funny as ****.

Levers_Aligned said:
Home grown scum. What a marvellous thought. Does that include bigotted, racist bastards, as well?


Obviously a dig at me, but I am not a racist, however I do take exception to the Islamic scum that try to blow up innocent civilians, if that makes me a racist in your eyes then so be it. They deserve the noose, the people that blow up kids and women (ragheads or micks for that matter) deserve to swing, if you don't agree with that then the issue is with you I think.

I'd be inclined to agree with you regarding capital punishment, if our justice system was waterproof, fair and could establish guilt. But then again, it can't, can it? Whilst there's a wide opinion that the Guildford and Birmingham bombers weren't exactly whiter than white, the police tampered with evidence, fucked the case over and they were released, thereby making a complete mockery of our 'so-called' fair justice system. Put yourself in their shoes, if you are one of them that actually didn't do it? Ask yourself if you trust the police and justice system? We pay for their services, and if you are one of those many thousands dragged in for questioning every year on a multitude of charges and either wrongly sentenced or put through a very thorough regime of questioning where your whole life in broken up and examined and everything goes on 'record', tell me how you'd feel? Or is it 'worth it' just to know they do it to protect us from those nasty 'ragheads' who the television and newspapers tell you are the 'real' enemy?



Lantern Swinger
Put it this way...if, pre-9/11, I had asked you how feasible it would be for a psychopath living in one of the most backward countries in the world to get 19 fanatics to hijack four planes and use them as weapons to murder nearly three thousand innocent people and bring the most powerful nation on earth to it's knees...what would your answer have been?

I don't believe everything I read, or hear on TV. But just because politiicans and coppers have been known to bullsh1t us before does'nt mean they're chucking brown stuff at us THIS time.

Time will tell.

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ThePunisher said:
But just because politiicans and coppers have been known to bullsh1t us before does'nt mean they're chucking brown stuff at us THIS time.

Time will tell.

Time will indeed tell. What some people should do, however is examine who benefits from all of this world conflict? Which companies are getting steadily richer as the stock market convulses with every sickening atrocity? Halliburton? The Carlyle Group? Northrop Grumman?

What should then be examined is who exactly in the seats of power are associated with these (and many more) companies and what benefit they get from sitting it out on Capitol Hill and encouraging conflict for the sake of it. Then examine how many of these ******* have sons and daughters right up there in the front line.

Just a few thoughts, like ...



Lantern Swinger
Fair one, and I was thinking along the same lines while listning to Blair waffling on about how "we" must defeat the terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan...what's this "we",white man? I don't see your eldest signing up for Ops in Iraq or the Stan. IRC, he's spending his gap year in Washington as an intern with some political firm. So the chances of some big, hairy Talibunny putting a couple of rounds into him are, unfortunately, low.
Cu Bono(Who Profits?)is always a good question to ask. But I think e're getting of thread here hile very cynical of the spooks, poice and, most of all, the fcuking polticians, I'm willing to ve them the benefit of the doubt until all the results are in.


Lantern Swinger
" I am prepared to pay the boold price" quotation from T Blair ....he's not paying the price,the poor troops he orders into Afganistan,Iraq etc are;his children arn't risking being killed every day and being led by a bunch of mental incompetants.


War Hero
his children arn't risking being killed every day and being led by a bunch of mental incompetants.

As somebody said earlier we all had the choice of getting rid of these fcukers at the last general election! Try and find anyone now, who will admit to voting for them????? It's like trying to find tits on a boar!
I'll state here and now, I didn't! :evil:


War Hero
mophead said:
his children arn't risking being killed every day.

Somehow, if his kids ever ended up in the forces I'm sure their mother would find a way to sue the State for infringing their human rights.

I despise the pair of them, always have.

Anyway, back to the thread...
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