Mary Rose to get new home

Discussion in 'History' started by Naval_Gazer, Sep 20, 2009.

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  1. BBC video describing plans to rehouse the Mary Rose at Portsmouth Naval Base and build a replica of her other half to mirror the original can be found here:

    Mary Rose ship to get new home

    I still find it incredible that this ship with a waterline length of 38 metres, only three quarters the length of a Sandown Class minehunter, had a crew of over 400 when she sank (Wiki link).
  2. Which is one of the reasons she sank, by all accounts...
  3. I was so disappointed when they brought her up. After watching the preps for a few weeks and then to see a few bits of rotten junk raised made me think how I had wasted a few weeks of my life but even more so what a total waste of money.
    I've got more wood in my stove.
  4. I have heard, that as part of their defence cuts when they get into power, the tories are going cancel the new carriers and stick a flight deck on the mary rose instead!
  5. Maybe next year they will have a grand idea to sink it again

    Pompey D'kyd is swiftly becoming a theme park

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