Martial Arts Injuries


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I guess the martial arts subject is always a good one for conversation. However, have many of you suffered accidents whilst training?

Last year I suffered damage to my internal organs, from a blow. I was in a lot of pain for some weeks and at one point thought my number was up. Anyway, thankfully, with some professional help I made a full recovery.

A few weeks ago I was teaching a guy how to roll out of an arm lock. He was a tadge confused that night. I could tell by the blank look on his face. Unfortunately, he got muddled up with what he was meant to do. He applied a hand and thumb lock on my right hand and then dived into a role across the floor. I momentarily looked to roll with him, but the angle was awkward and I could feel my Radius and Ulna (Forearm) bones starting to bend slightly. Consequently, I stopped his role in mid flow. This reduced the chance of him snapping my arm. However, the lock was still applied and my thumb was nearly dislocated. There was a fair amount of pain as the muscles around my thumb, wrist and forehand all tore.

Its been 3 weeks now and its starting to get better. The hard part is working your way through your everyday life trying to work around injuries like this until they repair themselves. Still, it happens from time to time, doesn't it.

Anyone had any similar experiences?




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A freind of mine is a Third Dan...whilst doing demo.... he was kicked in
the head buy a student.... took him 18 months to recover...
to walk an talk.. properly...and he gained plate in his head tooo......
has not taken away his love for it tho....


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Greendeath said:
Last year I suffered damage to my internal organs, from a blow.

Anyone had any similar experiences?


Hey GD,

How is my ex? I thought I taught her to suck, not blow! :twisted:

But then she was a natural blonde!



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Green Death by 'professional help' I presume you mean medical and not psychiatric? 8O

Oi OSD! You could have at least have taken my dyson vacuum cleaner out to dinner first before you taught her that! :lol: :lol: Damn thing hasn't worked properly since? 8O :p


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aside from the obvious black eyes and bust noses.

4 broken fingers, dislocated both thumbs and one shoulder. hyperextended elbow (only thing that stopped it hurting was leaving it under shower, slept in bathroom for a week) 6 broken ribs, not all at same time though. broken big toe on left foot. hairline fracture of a bone in right foot. and i have a scar on every knickle of both hands which i like cos it makes me feel big and macho.

still, never did me any harm *twitch* thank god


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Once when I was doing Aikido, I moved at the wrong moment and my Big Toe ended up by my heel....Haven't done any martial arts since, but still practice extreme sports of other types



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Aussiepint: I tried: psychiatric, but they gave up so I went for medical help.

Then oldseadog's ex, blue instead of sucking. Consequently, I had to spank the monkey lefthanded, which was different as it felt like somebody else was doing it.

As for the marital arts: I've told me wife that if she doen't stop hitting me she can do the ferking pots herself.


GD :lol:
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