Marsh and Crawford defines Scotlands Defence Budget

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by trelawney126, Oct 16, 2012.

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  1. Even though I am a proud Scotsman i want the SNP to feck right off. To be blunt notion that Scotland could survive economically as a nation never mind one attempting to fend for ourselves is absurd.

    If independence is granted the best idea would be to pool all our military assets and resources and share. It is a shame to say but Scotland would be up a creek without a paddle.
  2. You are a miserable barsteward BK. was rather hoping for a Finknottle bite. My main concern with the whole devolution idea is who will finanace the shortfall. Has a wider implcation for the UK nuclear fleet, which will now ave to be based in Berwick Upon Tweed. Just to deter you Scots fockers from a repeat of The Banockburn fasco.
  3. I think Tam is dead. Not heard of him for ages. The Tam is dead, long live the next annoying cunt.
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Just saw that salmond bloke on telly, he's not small is he.
  5. Well, having read that, I can safely say the good Lt Col has never troubled his little mind with logistics or supply issues.
  6. Separated at birth

    shrek.jpg ....................


    Ohhhh.... Donkey!
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  7. What you said!

    Mind you, by getting the 16 year olds to vote, he might just swing it - if he can get them out of bed! When I was 16 I thought SNP were dead good brilliant. Now, older and wiser (well older anyway!) I think most of their ideas are just crap.
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  8. Wouldn't worry about the future of the nuclear fleet, if those 16 years help tip the balance to suit big Eck then I am sure that with our oil revenues we can lend you a bob or two. I do think that some of the ideas they have are good in principle like free prescriptions and looking after our old coffin dodgers but they talk bollocks.


    Any one else think this ugly git could pass for big Subo's offspring?
  9. If their policy for defence is no Boats what they going to do with Faslav?:sad7: May be move it into England and finally make it a decent draft:biggrin::1:

    Just had a thought may be the Jock politicians intend to off-set their defence budget by charging the RN a fortune to keep Faslav where it is? I am not cynical of politicians in any way, they are just a bunch of 2 faced, sneaky, back stabbing, lying barstewards, and you always know when they are lying, because they are opening their mouths.:sad7:
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