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Hi all,

A quick question on MQ's, I am due to get married in July. I live in Plymouth, the future wife works in guz and the little one goes to school in guz also. I have just found I am being sent to Lichfield for 7 months before joining a pompey based war canoe.

Can I apply for a MQ in plymouth even though my draft is elsewhere? I would like to keep the continuity of school and work for the family.

I have trawled through JSP 464 and cant find an answer. I know that if already had an MQ in guz before the out of base port area draft I could apply to keep it.

Many thanks guys/gals


Lantern Swinger
As you are aware, the book says that you can retain SFA in one of the RN base port areas if you are assigned elsewhere. Technically, this means that if you are not assigned to the Plymouth area you can't get SFA which you can then later retain.

I managed to get SFA in Portsmouth and was not assigned to the area, spending 3 years away before finally getting a Pompey job. I was returning from overseas without a firm future job though. On the other side, I know of someone who was refused a house in Pompey because he was at Northwood at the time.

I suggest you just submit an application for SFA in Plymouth, you may get lucky and they allocate you somewhere - worst case they query your application and you can plead your case.
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