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Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by seahawk, Mar 25, 2008.

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  1. hi
    i got married at christmas, and i am thinking of appying for married quarters,
    can any one answer these questions
    1. what is the accomodation charge for married quaters?
    2. do you have to register with the local council for council tax or is it still taken out of your pay each month?
    thanx all

    seahawk :grommit:
  2. Charges are dependant on the size and type of quarter.
    I pay roughly £300 per month, this includes CILOCT - Contributions In Lieu Of Council Tax. :)
  3. thank you

  4. Married Quarters are exempt from council tax, but being a nice and fair government, they don't want service people feeling like they have been left out, so they deduct an amount in leu of a bill from the council and give it to the council.

    They do it in Barracks as well.
  5. Wheres the link to back up your outrageous claim?
  6. What that your spelling is terrible or they are exempt from CT?

    Properties that are exempt while occupied.

    Class M - Student halls of residence.

    Class N - Properties occupied only by students.

    Class O - Armed forces accommodation.

    Class P - Properties occupied by visiting forces or members of international defence organisations, or their dependants.

    Class S - Properties where all the occupiers are aged under 18.

    Class U - Properties occupied only by people who are severely mentally impaired who would otherwise be liable to pay Council Tax.

    Class V - Properties which are occupied by diplomats.

    Class W - Properties with a seperate flat or annexe where one part of the property is occupied by an elderly or disabled relative of the owner, who lives in the other part.
    If you need more details about exemptions, please contact us using the related information link or telephone the Council Tax section on (01480) 388030.

    An apology for calling me a liar will be acceptable.
  7. You still fail to provide anything other than conjecture.
  8. Oh, and please show exactly WHERE I have called you a liar :roll:
  9. You too ignorant to place a link when it is required?
    Still waiting for you to show me where I called you a liar, ignorant twat.
  10. Oh, and I think you'll find that we don't pay council tax.
  11. Navy speak for F'in liar.

    God you really are dim - I am not digging out any more links, if you think I am a liar then prove it.

    Your contribution is given to the local council.
  12. In LIEU of council tax. Therefore it ISN'T council tax.

    And just so you know, I have absolutely no interest in your opinion of me.
    If you wish to continue sidetracking seahawks thread, please do it via PM.
  13. Trying to be clever now. It is not sidetracking, I made one comment that quarters are exempt, tried to be light with it and you throw a MODs wobbly.
  14. Typical answer from someone who has been thrapped down.
  15. Right then.
    WHERE did I say that MQ's get charged Council Tax?
    Look up the word lieu.
    I ask for a link, as is USUAL on this site, and receive abuse from you.
    Because you are a cock, thats why.
    Has mummy made your dinner yet? Because I am going to make my daughter's now, and you appear to be of roughly the same mental age (3).
  16. Actually I apologise for calling you a cock.
    You are ACTING like a cock.
    I neither know that you are a cock, nor would I want to know you.
  17. It is the way you said it, the inference.
    There is nothing in my post to suggest you did.

    And you appear to be a typical mod ****** who thinks they know everything.
  18. Contribution in Lieu of Council Tax (CILOCT)
    Technically all MOD property is exempt from Council Tax as far as the occupants are concerned, since all payments due to Local Authorities will be made by MOD. However, contributions roughly equal to Council Tax liability are paid by Service Families Accommodation (SFA) occupants in England, Scotland and Wales and by personnel occupying Single Living Accommodation (SLA).

    These are known as "Contributions in Lieu of Council Tax" (CILOCT) and are collected together with accommodation charges. Contributions are graded according to the type of accommodation. SFA of the same type and grade are liable to the same standard contribution with SLA rates for Officers, Senior Rates and Junior Rates. There is no charge for those Service personnel under 18 years of age. The majority of SFA come in line with Bands B and C. Your local Defence Estates Office or Unit Personnel Office will be able to help you with any queries regarding CILOCT charges

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